Trick To Auto Tag or Mention Facebook Friends In Status


Facebook is one of the best place to sharing ideas,views and for promotion.


Have you ever noticed that whenever you tag or mention someone in your Facebook photo,status or anything, you definitely get likes or comments from those friends you tagged.

If you have less friends than by tagging one by one is easy but in case of long friend list, to mention a huge number of friends will surely take a couple of hours. 

If you don't have much friends than check This- #TRICK-To increase Friends

1.Tag/Mention All Friends

1. Log in your Facebook account.

2. Post and open your status into new tab or use earlier status.

3. Now Click on below button and copy whole code.

4. Copy all script and switch back to the status tab.

5. Click on F12 button.

6. Select console tab and paste all copied script.

7. After that hit ENTER button.

9. Auto tagging will get started.

10. Final Result check below image shown.

Note:- Firefox browser sometimes blocks this trick. So just to avoid that remove protection just before HTTPS in address bar and then allow them.

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  1. Bro I Am Not Able To Use This Trick Please Help Me !

  2. Is there any other way except of using a script for this trick ?

    1. You can do it manually if you have lots and lots of free time. These things can only be done using scripts which are specially programmed according to the need

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    1. Thanks Yamla...keep visiting for latest updates or you can subscribe to our news letter

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