7 Steps - Install CM13 - Cyanogenmod 13 ROM on Note 2 N7100


cm13 ROM for note 2 n7100
CM13 ROM for Note 2

Steps to Install Cyanogenmod13 - CM13 ROM on Note 2 N7100

1. Download CM13 ROM for Note 2 N7100, root your Note 2 N7100 and install a custom recovery on your Samsung Note 2 N7100.

2. Copy the CM13 ROM for Note 2 N7100 to your SD Card and boot it into Recovery Mode by pressing the key combination of Home + Volume Up + Power Key and hold for a while. Your Note 2 N7100 will reboot.

3. Just to revert back safely without any loss if any error occurs, make a backup of CMW of Current ROM to make a way to restore in future if needed.

4. Do Factory Reset and Clear all the Cache + Dalvik Cache.

5. Select the downloaded Zip file of CM13 ROM form SD Card using Recovery to Flash CM13 ROM in Note 2 N7100.

6. Now simple again reboot your Note 2 N7100 and let CM13 ROM get properly configured and this may take a while at the beginning.

7. Done, now Flash the Minimal Gapps for Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and simple install all the Google Apps on your CM13 ROM for Note 2 N7100.

Now let us take a look at the features that are actually working on custom installed CM13 ROM on your Note 2 N7100 Global Version. Mainly, CM13 ROM is similar to Android 6.0 Marshmallow but is upgraded with some cool extra features and functionalities which will definitely change your Android experience till now. Ivan Meler has compiled CM13 ROM for Samsung Note 2 N7100 and its working fine and stable. Let's take a look at the features supported and working on CM13 ROM for Note 2 N7100 and those which aren't working.

Features that Aren't Working on CM13 ROM

  • External SD Card recognition is under development and will be fixed soon.

  • Issues with some of the Video Playback based apps.

  • You won't be able to Boot ROM with SD Card due mount capability as of now but soon will be fixed and a new version will be available to download of CM13 ROM.

Working Features of CM13 ROM on Note 2 N7100

  • Camera - You'd been probably waiting to take some selfies as soon as possible with CM13 ROM, isn't' it? Try it.
  • Bluetooth - works totally fine.
  • Vibration - Vibrates my heart when activate, I'd really enjoyed it.
  • OpenGL - Proper CPU Rendering.
  • HWComposer and MALI R3P2 Drivers.
  • GPS - Global positioning system on CM13 works good and accurate.
  • Soft Keyboard is available on first boot.
  • Mouse pointer.
  • Signal Icons.
  • RIL.
  • NFC - Data file sharing over NFC is quite good and fast.
  • Sensors - All working well.
  • MALI Blobs - GPU Rendering.
  • WiFi - Same fast signal catching feature as earlier version.


  1. Replies
    1. Upgrading from CM12.1 to CM13 means that the whole OS is being changed. Therefore you need to flush the system of the old OS first. Which means wiping system.caches etc, before installing the new OS.

      With TWRP, both CM13 and GApps can be installed at same time. Then reboot into System. And wait for about 15 minutes.

      This gives you a completely new OS. It also means you have login sign in to Google cyanogen etc.

      As installing apps, the linkage for the SD card is already available and "Link2sd" does not appear to be needed to move apps to SD Card.

      How to get working gapps:
      1. Install cm13
      2. install twrp
      3. install gapps (now it has your problem, seranoxx)
      4. wipe cache, dalvik
      5. reupdate cm13
      "works on my machine"

      more solutions on discussions are here - http://goo.gl/7RacXB