3 Methods - How to Check Messages on Youtube


I am sure that you are really inspired by a lot of ongoing famous Youtubers now days and want to start a new channel and publish your vlog videos and share it with the people across the world.

Well, Social media platforms aren't the only place where you can promote or share and communicate with your fan followings, send messages or check incoming messages, the people who loves to hear from you also likes to talk to you personally.

check youtube messages
Youtube Messages

Comment section is one of the ways by which your viewers and subscribers interact with you, there's an inbox facility also available where you can check the messages sent to you personally and reply to those messages privately.

You can also use Youtube message service to interact with other famous Youtubers privately and talk or plan about your mutual promotional plans. Suggest someone to feature you in their videos or talk to them personally by sending a message.

Mostly, newbies find it difficult to locate their inbox and read or send messages. Yeah, it's quite hard to navigate up to your inbox messages but you don't have to worry much as soon Youtube is going to introduce a better Youtube messaging system to reduce spam and provide a better messaging platform inside your Youtube account.

How to Check Received Messages and Sent Messages on Youtube Account

Method 1 to check messages

  • Log into your Youtube Account and click on My Channel option available on the left.

  • You will see Video Manager option at the top, click on that.

  • After the above steps, you will see an option to choose a variety of options to manage your Youtube account. Choose Community and a drop down options will be visible.

  • Choose Messages out of the options available under Community.

  • On the right, you can find all of your messages. Approved messages, filtered messages, sent messages, likely spam.

Method 2 to check messages

  • Whenever you Sign into your Youtube Account, you will see your channel picture and a Bell like symbol to check notifications.

  • You will get a notification, when someone sent you a message or left comment on your Youtube channel videos.

Method 3 to check messages