Install 2 Whatsapp Account on Same Android Smatphone Mobile


A lot of people are using Dual SIM phones in which they use multiple numbers of SIMs. Some use them for professional use, some for personal chats like getting in touch with multiple girls from around the world and other use it to avoid roaming in different states. So, messaging apps like Whatsapp offers a great service to send text and multimedia messages (MIME) through Whatsapp messaging app but there are certain limitations and price of using it but there's a way to run 2 Whatsapp in one phone.

2 - dual whatsapp accounts on same android mobile

Running two Whatsapp on one phone without root is possible. Users want to use their Dual - SIMs for installing and using Whatsapp on same android phone with 2 different SIM Cards.

Guess what? Running two Whatsapp in one phone is possible, yeah there's a way to install multiple number on Whatsapp on your same android smartphone and the only thing that you need is to register both numbers on Whatsapp. Yeah, you've heard it correct.

Now you can install 2 Whatsapp application o the same android phone, means that you don't have to purchase and use two different phones to run Whatsapp on those android smartphones with two different numbers.

Digital world is creating flexible day by day and passionate developers are making new ways to hack the entire digital world for personal use without any much tension and pain of paying money and subscription. Likewise you can also hack and install Whatsapp on same android mobile phone without switching up to any other android phone.

As Whatsapp is now one of the most widely used messaging app from all around the world. It has more than 900 Millions of user currently active on Whatsapp including those who've installed and registered on Whatsapp app.

Alright, so are worried about getting your android smartphone rooted or something? Well, the answer is no. You don't have to root you android smartphone for any kind of multiple Whatsapp installation on your same android smartphone with multiple SIMs on you android smartphone.

Requirements for Installing 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Phone

  1. OGWhatsapp or Whatsmapp App
  2. Android Smartphone
  3. 2 Active SIM Cards
  4. Internet Connectivity

Install 2 Whatsapp on Same Android Smartphone

  1. I'd already told you that you just need 2 different active SIM cards to register 2 numbers on Whatsapp on your own same android phone.
  2. Launch your currently installed Whatsapp application on your android smartphone and create backup for a fail-safe issue if occurs during process. Just to make sure that you've got the Whatsapp data backup to avoid any loss.
  3. Now, you have to clear all of your current Whatsapp data present on your android phone by going to the Settings > Applications > Whatsapp > Clear Data. Clearing data will help to remove unwanted Whatsapp data present on your android smartphone which is not needed while installing 2 Whatsapp on same android smartphone. 
  4. Explore you SD Card and find a folder named as Whatsapp, which is Whatsapp application made folder by default and rename Whatsapp folder to OGWhatsapp.
  5. Now you can remove or uninstall your Originally installed Whatsapp Application from your android smartphone.
  6. Now you are half mile away from installing 2 Whatsapp on the same android smartphone with 2 different SIM Cards.
  7. Download the latest version available of OGWhatsapp or Whatsmapp available for android smartphones which is an application which is modified whatsapp version. You can use both OGWhatsapp or Whatsmapp to install and run whatsapp on same android phone. 
  8. Download and install OGWhatsapp or Whatsmapp application on your android smartphone and register your earlier register SIM number that you were using with the original Whatsapp app that you've uninstalled.
  9. After the successful OGWhatsapp installation and registration of SIM Card number, launch OGWhatsapp or Whatsmapp and restore the backup that you'd created earlier using original Whatsapp Application on your android smartphone. You will see all of your previous Whatsapp conversation in OGWhatsapp or Whatsmapp on your android phone.
  10. Now you've successfully installed secondary Whatsapp app on your android phone and now it's time to install 2nd Whatsapp app on android phone.
  11. Goto Google Play Store and simply download and install official Whatsapp App on the same android phone and register with another SIM Card number that you've got and wanted to use Whatsapp on simultaneously without switching up to any other android phone.

Now you can successfully use Whatsapp with new numbers in same phone, which means that now you've got a chance to use two Whatsapp in one android mobile phone.  If you are still facing problem in installing 2 Whatsapp on same android mobile, then watch the following video tutorial.