7 Best Websites to Buy Backlinks


Before buying backlinks, first take a look at my case study of ranking a newly made blog on top 10 SERPs.

I like to explore, I like to research about backlinking strategies as in SEO, backlinks are something that every single domain needs to rank and gain popularity on web.

Backlinks are like natural people, who suggests you, praise your work. More the no. of backlinks to your domain, more will be the chance for you to rank higher on results.

I started a blog on Tech tricks, published a couple of well prepared keywords rich articles for my readers but weren't ranking good on SERPs. So, I started making high pr dofollow backlinks to those articles more than 4-5 per day for 2-3 weeks.

Get free backlinks, here's a list of  High PR Dofollow Auto Enable Websites that you can use right and start making SEO Backlinks.

Later, I used a pinging service to index my links on several other search engines. One month later, the magic happened. My articles were now ranking on top 5 results in the SERPs.

From Where to Buy Backlinks?

best sites to buy backlinks

A bundle of good backlinks can pass a hell a lot of juice to your domain and help it rank on Google or any other search engine.

But here comes the hard part, not everyone has time to build backlinks manually or even find it difficult to make backlinks as they are not used to building backlinks.

Sometimes, there's no gain unless you invest something into your blog to make it rank. You can so buy backlinks for your blog or websites, but from where to buy it? Well, one thing you should know that Google may penalize you, if it finds that you are buying backlinks and are not natural.

You can buy backlinks from a lot of reputed backlinks generating service available online. Here's I've listed the best sites from where you can buy backlinks for your blog or niche website.

1. Fiverr
It is one of the mostly used site buy online buyers for buying backlinks or for any other SEO related services. There are a lot of freelancer who sell service to do SEO for your blog or build backlinks. You can buy any gig from the top rated sellers on Fiverr at just $5 starting price and buy high pr backlinks in exchange of money.

I would suggest you to prefer the top rated sellers on Fiverr to buy backlinks from as there are many spammers also working up there who uses tools to generate backlinks. So, be smart while making a deal to buy backlinks.

2. Backlinks.com
Those who are in hurry to rank and buy backlinks for their newly made blog or websites, this is the right place. You just need a debit/credit card to make payment or you can use a PayPal account too. Purchase backlinks instantly as it is really a good site to buy backlinks from.

3. SEOClerks
It is a SEO related freelancing site which mainly offers SEO related deals. You can search here also to buy backlinks from experts in SEO. There a lot of SEO experts working at it and knows how to create perfect backlinks and so you can buy backlinks.

4. Links Management
High quality backlinks are its quality. You can buy backlinks from this site while your eyes closed. It's one of the top and best site from where you can buy backlinks from a variety of High PR sites.

Backlinks will be permanent and high pr from a very low price of $1-2 also. They claim that they build backlinks manually and I guess they are right and genuine. Reviews about them are quite impressive.

5. Black Hat Links
Are you rich? Want to buy a lot of backlinks in bulk? Well, this site accept orders only for bulk backlinks. All the backlinks will be dofollow and the most amazing service is that they divide the amount of backlinks to be made within a week. So, no spam, no hurry, all good quality backlinks. It is the right place to buy backlinks in bulk.

Buy backlinks and they will assure to deliver the work within a hour and you don't have to wait for too long to see the results.

6. PostLinks
You can avoid spam links using this service. Get high pr genuine dofollow backlinks without any cheap SEO tricks.

You can buy backlinks from this site as they are pretty much genuine and has low outbound links from their contents.

It will help you to gain a huge number of best backlinks from a variety of popular publishers and high ranking contents.

7. The Fiver Dollar Links
Forget above all places to buy backlinks from and make it your primary place to ever purchase backlinks. Backlinks made using this site will be the best quality, high pr contents.

They offer a full report about backlinks, includes all traffic details and analyze your blogs or a website's working.

High quality backlinks are something that you should concentrate on. Those who say too much backlinks will destroy your blog aren't that much right. I've seen a lot of bloggers making backlinks manually by commenting on high pr websites to gain quality backlinks.

Some makes more than 100-200 backlinks from a single high pr backlinks sites and even getting high influence of those backlinks.

Doing SEO for backlinks is possible by publishing a really good quality content for your readers. Backlinks SEO is something that can save your blog from getting 1- 2 years of struggling in ranking your content on Google.

In fact, let's take a quick look at what kind of backlinks would help you to get the right attention of search engines like Google.

What Type of Backlinks You Should Buy?

increase traffic with high quality backlinks

  • High PR Backlinks - Always try to build or buy links from high pr domains as they will pass a huge SEO juice to your domain and its contents. High PR Backlinks will also help you to increase your Domain Authority and Page Authority.
  • Free Backlinks - You can make free backlinks by commenting, or make a guest post someone's blog. Preparing a high quality content for your readers also helps to gain natural free backlinks from other bloggers. A lot of people may refer to your content from their blog contents.

Free backlinks are hard to make as they need time and research. You may like to search on Google about free backlinks websites that offer backlinks through comments. Try this - high pr dofollow backlinks.

You can also get free backlinks from the sites which offer commentluv or "my response is on my own site" based commenting system. Response based free backlinks are easier to make and gain rank on Google.

Backlinking is the best way to get your blog or a website out of extream black hole of low ranking. I would suggest you to find your competitors backlinks and start backlinking according to those links.

Analyze your competitors backlinks and use the same domains to make backlinks to your domains. This type of backlinking strategy will help you to gain huge change in rankings for your contents.

semrush backlinks chart

How to get backlinks is a quite big question and is frequently asked by many bloggers as backlinking is really important part of SEO.

SEO backlinks source could be from any domain but it should be High PR in order to serve some influence to your blog.

I'd once written a content about how to get backlinks and make backlinks easily as much possible, you might want to take a look at those tips to make backlinks.

Still if you are facing any problem in finding backlinks for your blog or any website then do read the following article on how to find backlinks.

Even better, start a habbit to maintain an Excel Sheet and save direct links to backlinks with their PR and niche, so that in future if your publish any new content, then you don't have to look here and there again and again. Just open up your Excel Sheet in which you saved backlinks for SEO and start making backlinks from the same High PR Domains.

Too many seo backlinks from a same domain may not do good but 20-30 will do fine. So, you also add a column to save how many backlinking you have done from a single domain. In this manner, I am sure that you can definitely rank high in SERPs within a month for sure.