Find Competitors Keywords with Adwords Keyword Planner Tool


Frankly, speaking I am only surviving in competition just because of this awesome keyword research tool by Google.

Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is the best tool that I've ever used so far and I always target keywords for my articles using this tool.

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Due to too much competition in Google SERPs, it's very important to find out the targeted keywords by your competitor. But first you need to identify your competitors for some specific keywords that you are going to target in your content.

The best way to identify competitors, you just need to prepare a long tail keyword using your imagination that a normal user might use to get related results in Google. Type in into the Google and find the top 10 results.

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  • Those all top 10 results are your competitors and you have to do something better and unique in order to out rank them.
  • Analyze their content, check backlinks, the way of representing data and the overall length of the content. Now, in order to find out the targeted keywords you can look at title of the content or moreover you can use Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to find out your competitors targeted keywords into that particular article.
Keyword research is an important aspect of SEO, which every content writer must keep in mind and understand it properly. There are several keyword research tools but the Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is something that you should now consider as your primary keyword research tool.

  • People like to blog about their personal experiences, products etc and SEO optimized contents are the one who always wins this race or ranking. No doubt that contents should be completely seo optimized but also the content should be a high quality one.
  • By high quality I meant, the naturalness, of a content, originality and freshness but not the over keyword rich optimized just to generate traffic.
  • Follow on page seo techniques to choose the perfect keywords for your content and keep in mind that keyword should have enough amount of monthly searches.

You might not be able to get the right audience or traffic to your content through search engines organically, the reason behind this could be simple that you are not targeting the keywords and preparing the right content that people are searching for.

See, it's not that hard as much you are thinking but there are a lot of terms that people like to search and read. Simply follow the trends, do keyword research about trending terms and prepare contents about those trending topics.

Suppose, there's a term Best Keyword Research Tools and it's getting more than 50,000 of average monthly search and if somehow you're able to rank for that keyword, simply you will get at least more than half of the targeted keyword. So, the basic idea is that you need to target the keywords that have huge search volumes with low competition level to easily rank.

If you're running a new blog and want to compete then start with the low competitive keywords and an average of 2000+ monthly search volume keywords. Gain DA, PA, PR, increase your roots around the web and then increase your level.

By doing keyword research using Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool, you can easily solve all of your problems related to keywords targeting. By doing a complete keyword research, you will be able to get targeted traffic and increase your presence over internet and audience.

How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Well, it is a product by Google itself by using which you can increase your traffic from 0 to 1000s within a month. Keyword planner tools gives an estimation about the relevant keywords, their average monthly search volumes and competition level.

Now, let us see how to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to analyze competitors keywords. It's very simple way to easily extract keywords and prepare a better content accordingly and easily rank on Google SERP.

From where do you need to start? Just goto Google and create a Adwords Keyword Planner Account and login.

There will three options to find new keywords and search volume data -

  1. Search for new keywords using a phrase,website or a category.
  2. Get search volume data and trends
  3. Multiple Keyword lists to get new keywords.
  • Choose the first one, as we are going to find out competitors keywords, the first option is appropriate to proceed with.
You can organize your keyword research with three further filter options to find the best keywords or you can either enter one or more words to get the search volumes in a particular category for normal keyword research but in order to find out we need to mention our competitors landing page into Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.

  • Copy the link of your competitor's content ranking on Google and paste it into the landing page option in Keyword Planner Tool.
In case, if you are using the root domain to find out all of the targeted keywords then you must use the below category options to filter the desired keywords out of the whole.

Anyway let's just concentrate on what we are here for and find out the competitors keywords. Moreover, you can use the filter sets to target geo locations, language etc. We will discuss about it later.

keyword planner monthly search volumes

For a demo, I am using an article published by the Shoutmeloud owner Harsh Agrawal about the keyword research for dummies.

As you can see, I'd simply copied the URL and pasted it into the landing page input box and selected search engines a category to relate with the term keyword research.

landing url keywords search volumes

Now, all the keywords related to that landing page are obtained under the keyword ideas tab. You can now analyze their average monthly search volumes, competition level, suggested bids and add it to your plan.

  • Simply note down those keywords and use them naturally within your content and attract your audience, you don't have to write content for Google Search Engine but definitely for your readers and rest of the work would be done by the targeted keywords.
Adwords Keyword Planner Tool offers option to search an exact word, phrase or a broad search terms. You can refine your results more precisely to target keywords using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.

  • Exact word matches are more efficient in case of a niche based blog as it shows the traffic estimations for a specific word or a product and is good for niche blogging. You can use exact words to do keyword research using keyword planner tool and easily rank your niche site.
  • Phrase word type keywords research is good for long tail keywords results. You can find out long tail keywords using short phrases like "best keyword research tools". According to me Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is the best tool to find competitors long tail keywords. People don't use short words to search, they like to search like this "how to do keyword research" or "how to get backlinks for niche blogs". So, you must start targeting long tail keywords.
  • Broad Search Terms is also good for long tail  keyword research. It shows monthly search volumes for a group of keywords not just one word or exact match. You can use this option to combine multiple terms and make a good long tail keyword.
Adwords keyword planner tool has a great bunch of options to filter results. You can target a particular country or multiple countries using adword keyword research tool, select languages.

  • You can even change the amount of date range of search volumes to analyze a wide pattern or activity of searches. However, last 12 months of search volumes are enough to understand keywords search frequencies.
google keyword planner keywords filter options

You can filter keywords results according to minimum or greater than average monthly searches, according to suggested bids and competition level.

So now, you have most of the keywords targeted by your competitors and you have a good option to choose out of them and start preparing content.

Targeting keywords is just one of major steps that every SEO writer considers before preparing a content, the main is your article. Write your content the best way possible and maintain naturalness.

Introduce something new in your articles, Google loves new and fresh contents because it understands that people need updated information which is useful but not the old ones that are repeatedly re-written by the most of them just to gain traffic.