Top 55 Free Image Hosting Sites List - Image Upload Pictures


Image hosting sites are very important for making photo sharing easy. People use image hosting sites to upload images and do photos sharing or use them on their websites.

Image hosting sites works as a back-end hosting for your uploaded pictures that you can use anywhere on a website or share photos on social media. Free image hosting sites can be used to upload gif on Facebook.

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Photo sharing sites are very much helpful in promoting any websites banners, infographics etc. Image submission is now becoming a power tool to conclude lots of backlinks through photo sharing. You can easily create lots of backlinks for your niche website with image hosting sites and for photo sharing over the media.

Social platforms plays a very viral behaviors for making anything famous from nothing to something very big with a short time and you can use this advantage to gain visitors to your websites by creating infographics, create gif and post gif on Facebook, use images uploaded on your websites etc.

I'd seen a lot of people creating very useful infographics about any topic and share it on Facebook, also gets huge numbers of shares within a short time. People like to share important and useful images on Facebook no doubt and that's why you are having a great opportunity to make the profit out of it by photo sharing sites.

Recently, I'd published an article on How to Post a GIF on Facebook. Yeah, you've heard it write. Now you can create gif and use an image hosting sites to post gif on Facebook. Note, to post gif on Facebook , you must first use an image hosting site to upload image on that free image hosting site or premium may be to get a sharing link that you can use to post gif on Facebook.

There are so many image hosting sites available that you can use for image upload and embed those uploaded pictures on your websites or share them on social platforms.

Let's take a look at best image hosting sites that you can use for photo sharing or upload photos. Choose any out of them and upload images you like to use them anywhere you'd like.

Best 55 Free Image Hosting Sites - Top Photo Sharing Sites

Followings are the top image hosting sites that you can use to upload images for photo sharing on your blogs, Facebook, Twiter, Google+, Pinterest accounts etc.

You can choose a cloud drive to do so but note that those cloud sharing sites won't optimize your data. You can upload images on any image hosting website to host your uploaded photos and optimize them for web uses.

Image hosting sites offers features like extremely fast image optimization and also offers interactive interface. You can start a photo blog or gallery based website to auction your uploaded images over internet.

Why You Should Use an Free Image Hosting/Photo Sharing Sites?

  • High quality photo sharing sites like Pinterest which has almost 100 DA can provide a good juice to your uploaded image for a blog post.
  • Free Photo Sharing sites provide good image hosting features like image optimization, edit, crop etc.
  • You can create a backup of your photos on free image hosting sites and download back anytime.
  • Post a gif on Facebook using an image hosting site.
  • Generate backlinks through infographics uploaded on a free image hosting site.
Free image hosting supports a variety of image file formats like GIF, JPEG, PNG etc. Photo sharing sites provides an ability to add tags/keywords to an uploaded image so that some one could search for that uploaded image online using any search engine.

Images uploaded can be downloaded as original an image was uploaded on a free image hosting site and also servers a feature to let people leave comments on the photos shared by you.

How to Upload a Photo on a Free Image Hosting Site

  1. Create an account on a free image hosting site and fill up the info required to begin uploading images on a photo sharing site.
  2. You may not need to signup on a free image hosting site because some photo sharing sites lets you to upload image without creating an account.
  3. Upload images through a link or directly upload image from your local computer and add some tags/comments to identify the uploaded image.
  4. Set privacy level to make your uploaded image visible to other people or not, make it public if you going to use it on a website or do photo sharing with other users.
  5. Grab the Share URL generated and start photo sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc and yeah you can use a free image hosting site to upload gif and share gif on Facebook as it's the only way to post gif on Facebook.
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