iOS 11’s Siri Rumored to Gains iMessage Integration & iCloud Syncing


On Monday, the Israeli released a sketchy rumor claims that, when iOS 11 is launched this autumn, iOS 11’s Siri will gain some interesting new capabilities. Apple’s personal digital assistant will tap into machine deeper than before to learn user’s behaviors (especially beginners) within the context of individual apps. In addition, Siri will integrate with Apple's iMessage service and synchronize data through iCloud.

Through your favorite apps, Siri will analyze all what you do according to the machine-translated text. So, this will make Siri become smarter and more active than before based on the analysis of knowledge of user behavior and context. The report also claims that Siri’s database of user behaviors in apps and contextual awareness will be synched among iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS platforms.
This feature would presumably go beyond the current ability to send messages using one’s voice as for iMessage integration. The feature would assist iMessages users via bot-style commands based on Apple’s patented technology.

The Apple’s patent abstract can be represented by a related excerpt as follows:
According to some plans, virtual assistant users will be notified to all members of the chat. In addition, those who do not use Siri are also allowed to activate the AI function if they want. During the exchange of information, article contributors may accept or deny access to personal data of their choice.

Throughout the report, readers can predict that integrating iMessage helps users require Siri to decorate messages with stickers and interact with iMessage applications using those voices. The same outlet made confirmation that iOS 11 will add group FaceTime calling feature.

Although, the rumor about the iOS 11’s Siri has not yet confirmed, but if that is true, then it will obviously bring a lot of great value to the user. IOS 11 has the potential to bring artificial intelligence beyond its current pioneering potential such as helping users propose improved auto-corrections, sharing relevant email address location in Conversations Messages.