iPhones to Officially Make Progress in Argentina Next Month


In spite of suffering from a lot of obstacles, Apple will be able to widely popularize iPhones in Argentina next month. Since 2009, the rules implemented by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner- the Argentian president in the period of 2009-2015 have undermined the availability of Apple images in comparison to Telefonica SA, America Movil SAB, and Telecom Argentia SA.
During his presidential term of office, a series of rules were enforced to require Apple in particular and other OEMs in general to produce handsets domestically in the country, but the company did not obey to them. As a consequence, Apple had no chances to sell its iPhones legally in Argentina. Nonetheless, because the demand for the handset became bigger and bigger, many resellers began bringing the smartphone across Chile or the United States, then resold those products in the grey market throughout the country.

According to news disclosed by an article from CNN Money last year, it would have been much cost saving to purchase an iPhone in Miami compared to another place that was sold officially in Argentina because of many diverse taxes between two places.
Currently, despite the fact that all regulatory barriers have been eliminated and it may be easier for carriers to import iPhones, customers in the country still have to defray an import duty of 25 percent. This makes the handset much more expensive than smartphones that are locally produced in the country.

On the whole, various import duties and other taxes will make an iPhone cost almost as twice as what its price is in the United States. Moreover, its cost is even 40% higher than a similar iPhone in Chile. There is no official confirmation regarding the prices of different iPhone models in Argentina. Hence, it is likely that their costs can be higher than expected.