Best learning apps for Android users


Course is an online school app. There is a number of available lessons and classes for you to pick. It takes pride in running well over 1,000 courses in math, science, technology, etc. Specifically, the classes provide users with lectures, reading assignments and tutorial video as well. Then, you will earn a certification of completion when finishing a course. As for the courses, some of them are free, some require payment. Except for the sometimes working error, this learning app is definitely one worth considering. 

Since its first launch in 2014, Duolingo has been more and more developing. This is a language learning app which teaches you languages through different games. The further you go, the harder the game is, but it cleverly makes learners comfortable. This app is written in various languages. Additionally, according to the developers, 34 hours using this app is similar to as a semester at school. Providing that, the app is totally free to download and use. No advertisements included is another plus point. It’s probably one of the best learning apps for everyone. After Duolingo, you can think of moving on with others such as Memrise, Rosetta Stone, etc for more advanced learning.
TED is a platform of sharing ideas about everything, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. The speaker are usually famous and talented in big industries, they can talk about what they are doing, share their experience in one particular field as well as other educational things. You are allowed to get access to every TED talks video supporting subtitles in over 100 languages. In addition, the app is compatible with TED podcast, chromecast and Android TV as well. Despite its heavy storage, this app is absolutely a wise choice to broaden your view.
If you want to learn computer programming then SoloLearn will probably be the one you don’t want to miss. It’s a developer on Google Play. SoloLearn offers several options of learning apps that educate computer programming. Many web languages are included here such as HTML, Java, C++ or even Python – the more specialized language. The developer create solely app for each language. Luckily, both are completely free to use.