Instagram rolled out an update to save posts to private collections


Lately, Instagram has quickly introduced new updates to users. Today, it announced that people are enabled to save any posts to a private collection which they can get back to see anytime they want. As shown in the name, each user will be allowed to view their own private collection of their Instagram account only.
You can find any private collections in the saved posts tab on your Instagram profile. In order to save a post, you just simply need to tap on the bookmark icon below that post. Additionally, you are able to create and name a new collection anytime saving a new post or it can be saved and added to an existed collection. You are also allowed to manage your saved post by grouping them into a private collection. To do so, tap the plus icon in the top right corner, next Instagram will ask you to give your new collection a name and then pick the saved posts you want to add to it.

Apart from this feature, in the first half of April, Instagram has continued to release several updates. Check out below:
Selfie stickers
April 13: Instagram unveiled a new way to create stickers out of selfie photos, which also enables users to resize them and apply various frame styles. Moreover, it offers new geostickers for people in Chicago, London, Tokyo and Madrid. And users can get access to recently used stickers just by tapping on the smiley face and swiping right after that.
Introducing disappearing videos and photos
April 11: Instagram is updating what they call disappearing videos and photos. Specifically, these videos and photos will appear blue in DMs and can be played only twice. The sender will receive a notification if the receiver replays the video or screenshot it. To use this feature, you simply need to access the Direct section, then tap the blue camera icon and tap on the arrow.
Watch stories direct from your home feed
March 30: Instagram has released a new update, which allow you to watch stories directly from your home feed. When you scroll down the new feed, you’ll now recognize a gradient colored ring around the profile pictures of those you are following if they have added any stories. Tap on those profile pictures and you can watch their stories immediately. When you’re finished, you’ll turn back to the previous spot in the new feed.