New AR Camera Effects and More announced by Facebook at F8 Conference


Annually F8- a developer conference is held by Facebook with the aim at showing the innovations of the social network. In other words, the meeting is seen as a playground for developers to work and bring Facebook users better experience. This year is also not an exception. The conference mainly mentions virtual reality, augmented reality as well as specific ways to bring people together while using those tools.
The first one rolled out at F8 is AR whose availability is spreading over the stock Facebook app via its built-in camera function. Similar to the camera of Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook users can now make use of “Camera Effects” to spruce up their images. Mark Zuckerberg also claims that the camera is the “primitive versions” of the augmented reality-based glasses in the hope of being launched soon by many companies.

Thanks to the new Camera Effects, all types of masks along with other augmented reality effects to their pictures can be applied to users’ photos prior to publishing them. Besides, at this time an unlimited number of artists have equal chances to create their unique effects and styles for the platform. Apart from that, the company also detailed its platforms by adopting augmented reality and virtual reality. Now three tenets are available, including object recognition, 3D effects, and precise location.

Regarding object recognition, real-time visuals can be used to understand an abundance of objects which the camera can catch. More specifically, those smart features allow you to apply various features to a real world object. Whereas, with the 3D effects developers is hopeful at building out 3D environments based simply on a 2D image. In addition, precise location is expected to put specific imagery in a specific location. For example, you can put sharks inside a cereal bowl with the camera Effects. Last but not least, you will welcome the appearance of another major platform known as “Facebook Spaces” which helps bring people together in a virtual reality environment in the time coming.