The Stories feature on Facebook removed by NoMoreStories


In the last few weeks, Facebook users have witnessed a series of unwanted changes on their mobile phones. In reality, all those improvements are not listed in the App Store change logs. This leads to a paradox that every Facebook users are easily cheated to install them regardless of whether those users would like to accept or not.
The Stories feature- one of the newest addition at the top of the Facebook app, which mimics Snapchat, is seemingly regarded as an unwelcome thing. Supposing that you are not in favor of this feature, you can make use of a new free jailbreak tweak to delete it once. It is known as NoMoreStories originating from iKilledAppl3.

Thanks to the tweak, you are able to get rid of the whole unwanted features on the app. In addition, NoMoreStories can support you in cleaning it up to some extent.  As a result, you can spend more time for what you are keen on and less time for what you are not.
As soon as you install NoMoreStories, a preferences pane will be added to the Settings app for toggling Stories on or off. In the meanwhile, it is so simple for you to hide or show the live video tab in the toolbar at the bottom of the app.
No matter what settings you are using, you still need a respring to put them into function. Hence, you will notice a complimentary “Apply Changes” button at the bottom of the preferences pane which helps you save those settings.

If you would like to download the tweak, you can navigate Cydia’s BigBoss repository and download the tweak for free. A plus is that it can operate at all jailbroken devices, which are running the latest version of the Facebook app.