Steps To Save A Water-Damaged Phone


You've accidentally dropped your smartphone into the sink or pool. Don't be panic! If you act fast enough, you can prevent your smartphone from being water damaged. In this post, we'll show you the ways to save (or try) your phone that has just dropped in water.
First of all, take out your phone from the water as quickly as possible. The longer is it in water, the more water seeps through the cracks. Once your phone’s out of the water, you immediately need to do right away, and there are also certain things you should absolutely avoid doing to prevent water damage.

What you must not do
·        Do not power it on
·        Do not press any buttons
·        Do not shake, tap your phone
·        Do not blow on it as doing this makes water go into other internal parts of the phone and cause more damage.
·        Do not heat it up by using a blow dryer or microwaving it.

Here are 8 steps to save your water damaged phone
1. Remove any protective case, SIM card and microSD card from their slots.
2. Remove the back panel if possible to take out of the battery, SIM card(s) and microSD card if you are able. This method is not applied to the non-removable battery models.
3. Use a cloth, paper towel to help your phone dry. Be careful and don’t spread the liquid around. Soak up as much as possible.
4. If the water damage is more extensive, use a vacuum and carefully suck out water stuck from the cracks that are harder to reach.
5. Bury the phone in a bag of fully uncooked rice. Rice is great thing for absorbing liquid and can dry smartphones and tablets.
6. Let your phone be dry for two or days. Do not switch it on see until it works.
7. After a couple of days, remove your phone from the rice back, and turn the phone on.
8. If your phone turns on and it still works, you should still keep a close eye for the next few days, to see if you there is something wrong happen. You can also play songs to test the speakers and make sure the touch screen still responds.