5 Things Should Be Changed In Settings For A Brand New Android Phone


Using a new smartphone for the first time comes with a mixture of the excitement when everything is new and surprising, especially if you move to a phone of a new manufacturer that has a different interface than the one you get used to. But, these little surprises can sometimes make you turn into the annoyance if you are not ready for the new features. So, in this post, we are going to show you how to deactivate 5 things that can make you mad.

  1. Disable touch response sounds
The first thing you should do relates to the touch feedback. The vibrations and sounds imitate the reaction of a button and can make you annoyed. Besides imitating reality, they even waste your device’s battery.
So, to stop the sounds and vibrations:
  • Head to Settings > Sounds > Other sounds.
  • From there, disable the keyboard sounds, charging sounds, lock screen sounds, touch sounds, and etc.
  1. Disable keyboard vibration when typing

After deactivating all the touch feedback, the next one is the vibration of the keyboard when you are typing if you feel mentally. To disable the keyboard vibrations, just go to the settings on the keyboard itself. It depends on the stock keyboard or a third party keyboard that you’ve installed.
  • Go to Settings > Language and input > Virtual keyboard.
  • Select your keyboard.
  • Now, disable ‘Keyboard sound’ as well as ‘Keyboard vibration’.
  1. Turn Off Auto-Correct
The auto-correct feature is sometimes a hinder over a help. It is perfect when just recommending the words instead of directly changing what you write after hitting the space bar. It puts p whatever it feels suitable in the text line.
So, the auto-correct is quite aggressive, and you’d better disable it before you continue installing apps. To turn auto-correct off:
  • Head to Settings > Language and input > Virtual keyboard
  • Choose the current keyboard.
  • Tap on ‘Text Correction’.
  • Now, turn ‘Auto replace’ option off
  1. Disable all unused apps
The manufacturers usually pre-install their apps from their own services onto their devices. But, you might never use them and they are wasting resources for nothing. Although are not able to completely uninstall them (if your phone is not rooted), you can hibernate them.
  • Head to Settings > Apps
  • Choose the app you want to disable (avoid the Google services).
  • From there, you’ll see a disable button.
You can select to turn off notifications as well if you’d like.
Disable boot animation
Every smartphone comes with a little animation when it powers up. So, in some cases, if you restart your phone in public, it may be embarrassing as your phone has the type music and the company logo.

After disabling the boot sound, and you will no longer have to listen to the company’s jingle:
  • Go to Settings > Sounds
  • Depending on the manufacturer, it will come with different options for you to deactivate. For Motorola devices, it names “Power up sound” while the Huawei/Honor devices are ‘Start up sound.
Is there anything else you a disable when you have a new phone? Let’s know in the comment below.