Methods to Remove Emergency Call Button on Android


All Android smartphone allows you an instant access to make a 911 call if you are in the emergency cases without entering the passwords to unlock your phone. All manufacturers display a big button to skip right to the phone call should a situation call for it.
Although this sounds like a great feature, it’s more of a hassle than anything. Many Android users said that they put their phone in the pocket and the phone then dialed 911, or they accidentally hit on emergency call and then had to quickly cancel the call. So, if you want to get rid of the Emergency button on your device, here is how you can do it.

The “Emergency Call” button position is the most headache problem for almost of Android users. It can stay in the middle of the screen, or at the bottom near the home button, etc. Obviously, removing the emergency button comes with some risks. No one intends for an emergency, but if a case occurs, you’ll probably wish that button.
As long as you feel good about the potential risks, here are two common ways to get rid of the ‘Emergency Call” button on the lock screen of your Android phone.
How to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android Lockscreen
If your Android phone has already been rooted, there are more choices. But, for most users, the simplest method is using a new lock screen app for the replacement.
These apps from the Google Play Store that can replace your lockscreen come with more features and customization, plus getting rid of the “Emergency Call” button.
There are a few popular lockscreen replacement apps such as SnapLock Smart Lock, or Hi Locker.
Snaplock and Hi are very easy to use, but if they are not your style, we recommend you to use Next lockscreenEcho Notification screenAcDisplay. All of them work great for a lock screen replacement. Especially, they don’t come with the emergency call button or offer you an option to turn it off.
All you need to do is launching Play Store, install the new lockscreen app, and get it done. But before installing it, you need to disable your old lockscreen security, otherwise you’ll get welcomed by two lock screens when using your phone. Now, unlock your phone and the “Emergency Call” button will no longer appear.
Remove Emergency Call Button for Root Devices
If you like tweaking and changing your phone, need to root your phone first. After that, you can easily remove the emergency button with help of a Xposed Module
This is just one of the multiple methods to complete this task through using a Xposed Module.
From now, you will no longer see any Emergency Call button on the lockscreen and get tapped on the accident. But, keep in mind that if you are in an emergency, you’ll have to unlock your phone before making a phone call.