What We Can Expect From CES 2018


CES, one of the world’s biggest electronics trade shows in the early of every year, is heating things up. The famous brands and manufacturers will be convening their latest innovations. So, what are the most exciting devices we can expect from the upcoming trade show this year? Let’s find it in this post.

 Hot trends of CES 2018
Many of us are waiting for the next generation of Android devices that will be launched: smartphones, and smartwatches. Although smartphones aren't the main topics of CES, and many manufacturers hold back the big hitters for MWC in Barcelona in February, there are still many more interesting devices and technologies. Besides smartphones, they might be drones, smart home devices and voice assistants, AI- which makes everything become smarter new wearables, new accessories for AR and VR and so many.
Huawei: Make it appear in America
The CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, has recently confirmed that some of Huawei smartphones will soon be sold through  US carriers from in 2018. The first such phone will be the Mate 10 series. Although he did not reveal the specific carriers selling Huawei phones, more information on those sales plans will be cleared in CES 2018.
Sony: TVs
While there is not any information from Sony about their new smartphones in CES 2018, we heard a good news of their strategy for 2018.
In January, the Japanese company could launch its TVs. It might be the next generation of Bravia with the OLED screens. Sony will also hold its press conference on Monday, 8 January at 17:00 from the Sony stand.
Samsung: The new Galaxy A8
The South Korean manufacturer seems to present its new Galaxy S9, the new duo A8 and A8+ will be launched at CES. There are also some new concepts for the future as well as new smart TVs, including a 150-inch huge TV unveiled in this trade show.
TCL : A new BlackBerry smartphone
BlackBerry has abandoned the manufacture of smartphones, and they turned turn to software rather than hardware, but it does not mean the Blackberry brand is dead. Its partner TCL will take it over. The Chinese manufacturer will probably present a new model to replace the KeyOne, which was launched in 2016.
Xiaomi : Android TV
Last year, the market was surprised with the appearance Android TV MI TV 4 (65 inches) of Xiaomi along with Mi Router HD and a white Mi Mix.

Wang Xiang. Xiaomi's Vice president, said that the CES was a great opportunity to become better known. It’s important to "keep in mind that the CES is not just a conference in the US market, it is even an international conference to present products for the Chinese market and other countries". So we hope Xiaomi will have some surprises for us earlier this year.
Auto manufacturers

The upcoming CES event will certainly be an opportunity to see the new developments in the field of cars or the smart cars. The digital assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant should be integrated more popularly in cars. Dashboards will also come with increasingly high-tech.