13 Best Sites to Watch Movies Online Free on Movies Streaming Sites

Watching movies is the best thing that I love to do and I will forever. Whenever, a movie releases in theaters people go and watch first day first show just because they can't wait much to feel and enjoy the joy of a movie.

Rich people grabs the royal seats at the back and some people has built their very own private home theaters within their home. What if a persona doesn't have that much money to afford at the or during time of its preview in movie theaters? Is he's supposed to sit back and wait for it to get telecast through a channel someday?

Internet is the solution, where you can get whatever you like and save it to your local computer. Ever since Internet started, the main motive was to share stuffs with everyone easily at just few clicks.

best websites to watch movies online on free movies streaming sites

You can easily search for free movies online and if any single person is sharing that movie publicly visible to anyone then you can browse and download it or watch movie for free.

So, what we are going to is that I will offer you the best sites for watching movies online for free. Yes' you'd heard it right. Free movies online that you can stream or download movies. There are a lot of sites that offer free movies online but most of them just are flooded with unwanted advertisements to make money out of your visit. So, I will only consider the best of best online movies sites where you can actually enjoy the free movies online and watch whenever you want to watch a movie for free.

Watch Movies Online for Free - Best 10 Online Movies Streaming Sites

crackle watch online free movies
Crackle.com Watch  Free Movies Online

1. Crackle.com
It's one of the best website that I frequently visit to watch movies online whenever I get some time to explore and watch a movie online for free. Crackle's having a very well finished and profession design which is very good in UI. It offers the best quality like 720p-1080p movies for free. Just start wondering about this site to watch full length movies online for free, no cost at all except your internet data uses.

Crackle offers you everything from best TV shows and best movies to worst movies. The best part about this free movie online streaming is that you can watch movie by just finding them and one click to watch. Just make a free account and start watching free movies online in very high quality.

wolowtube watch online free movies
Wolowtube Watch Free Movies

2. Wolowtube
It's a place that you will never leave once you visit it for the very first time. You can locate you any favorite movie whether it is new or very old movie. Wolowtube is a kind of search engines that you can use to search movies and watch it online for free. I forgot to mention why this website? Because there's no need to register on the website to watch your favorite movie online.

Wolowtube also offers the online streaming which means that you don't have to download movie and then watch. You can just play movies online at just few clicks in a very high quality. It's a very popular site that a lot of people use to watch movies online for free and its database for movies in HD is just so huge that clears out the chances of not finding the movie or the TV show you are looking for on wolowtube.

primewire watch online free movies
Primewire - Online Movie Streaming

3. Primewire
It is the site which gets updated very frequently with a new movie in HD quality. Just like other sites, you need to create an account on Primewire too in order to watch HD movies online for free. It has a lot of movies that you can stream as many times you want to watch any movie online.

moviesplanet watch online free movies
MoviesPlanet Watch Free Online Movies

4. Movies Planet
Movies Planet also offers movies in hd quality for free online so that you can enjoy the movie  by streaming it online. However, this site is new in online movie streaming site industry but it's performing pretty well. Just visit this site and stream movies online for free in HD quality.

movie4k watch online free movies
Movie4K - Watch Movies for Free

5. Movie4K
Browse your movie and play it. You can stream or play unlimited movies in HD quality for free from any of your smart device. Movie4K works on almost every single platform that are famous and has a great amount of users. Play movies online in HD using MovieK easily by just create a free account.

dodomovies watch online free movies
Dodomovies - Online Free Movies Streaming Site

6. Dodomovies
Due to collection of its great numbers HD quality movies which are available to everyone to stream online for free at zero cost.

The best thing about Dodomovies is that you will hardly find those irritating advertisements or popups. You will get information about each movies in short description with ratings and critics.

vumoo watch online free movies
Vumoo - Watch Movies Online for Free

7. Vumoo
It's one of the top movies streaming place where audience are increasing day by day due to its immense HD quality videos.

It looks awesome by its design and also the movie quality is awesome. The only thing that you need to do is to type the movie that you want to watch online and hit search. Find  the movies and watch movies online for free by just creating a new free account. The information about the movies on Vumoo is very well organized and because of which you can find every single details about a movie that you are going to watch for free.

viewster watch online free movies
Viewster - Online Free Movies Streaming

8. Viewster
Here also you browse unlimited amount of movies and watch movies online for unlimited times. You can easily find any Hollywood movie at Viewster. You need to simply click on the play button to start watching movies online for free or stream it later by downloading it.

youtube movies watch online free movies
Youtube Movies - Watch Full Length Movies

9. Youtube Movies
Youtube is the largest destination of videos and a lot of new videos gets uploaded every second on it. It's a great place to instantly find a movie and start watching that movie online for free in HD quality.

Here's you will get the best list of movies to watch for free online without any legal issues. You can even download those full length movies to you local computer.

beetv watch online free movies
Beetv - Free Full Length Movies 

10. Beetv
It is similar to other online movies streaming sites in HD quality but it also provides TV shows, musics videos etc. Its home page includes several categories out of which you can pick to explore a movie or a TV show for the very first time.

popcornflix watch online free movies
Popcornflix - Watch Free HD Movies

11. Popcornflix
It's one of a kind, an online movie website that doesn't  requires registration before watching movies online for free. You can simply visit Popcornflix, find movies and hit on stream movie to start watching online movies and the only thing that you need to care about is your internet connection.

Watch free online movies, whatever you like or try something new that you'd never seen before. It has a trending page that you can visit to watch the movies which are trending.

Hulu watch online free movies
Hulu - Watch Free Full Length Movies Online

12. Hulu
It is owned by NBC, ABC, FOX. You can watch free movies and TV shows that are US based. Sorry to say but those people who are not from US can't watch movies at Hulu but you can surely try a proxy server to watch movies at Hulu for free.

Snagfilms watch online free movies
Snagfilms - Free Online Movies Streaming Site in HD

13. Snagfilms
It is one of the best out of best website to watch online movies for free without paying even a single coin or provide any kind of credit/debit card information. Their homepage always remains flooded with the best and new movies.

You can browse movies according to the proper categories of genre, you can simply find the movie that you want to watch and start streaming movies instantly. They also offer iOS and Android app so that you could easily organize your history and favorite list of movies and share it with your friends. Watching movies online for free was never been as easy as on Snagfilms.

Internet is the mainstream way to access anything available publicly for use and download. You can  download or watch movies with a very high speed internet connection and enjoy online movies for free. There are a lot of online websites that offer HD quality movies but are full of advertisements and popups which will definitely annoy you while watching movies online for free.

To avoid this issue, I 've tried my best to pile the best online movies websites which you can use to watch free movies online for free in HD quality. You can stream any movie available on the listed websites.

There are a lot of sites that offer you to download online movies in HD quality for free but wasting time in downloading a movie and then play is a bit time taking but online movies streaming sites are really good at this. You can watch movies online for free and there will be no need to download it first in order to watch.

Free movies websites are one of the best thing to visit and do some time pass while watching free movies available online at no cost. You can watch movies whenever you like to, whether its your holidays or your exams are over. There's no need to buy tickets to watch a movie by going to your nearest movie hall theaters.

I would really appreciate if take a look at the above mentioned websites that are best out of best movie streaming websites for free in HD quality. You must have seen a lot of movies or waiting for a movie to get release soon but unfortunately don't get enough time out of your busy schedule and go to watch a movie.

Top Features of Online Movies Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies

  • Most of the free websites that offers movies online, provides some basic features to help out its users navigate and find a good movie to watch. There would a search box for free movies, trending movies and shows on homepage, free account signup option to get notified on a new update from that particular free online streaming site where you'd signed up to watch free movies online.
  • You can download the app of online websites to watch movies for free, like Snagfilms offer their free app on Apple Store, Google Play, Windows App Store, XBOX 360 etc.
  • You can watch movie for free without paying anything other than your internet connection. No credit card required.
  • Watch movies online for free as many times you want. There's no limitation on streaming  free movies for multiple times.
  • The best feature of online free movies streaming sites is that you can watch full movies for free. No movies are available in parts, just select any movie and start streaming full movies.
  • There are huge number of websites that offer online movies for free without paying any cost but these are some of the best and anti-malware sites that are safe to watch movies online.
  • You can stream full length movies for free and watch movies unlimited times you want. You can download and install the apps of these online full length movies streaming sites on you smartphone and get access to huge amount of free online movies.
  • You can watch movies in HD from a latest movie to a very old movies which are really famous and are available in good quality. Get their free movies app for your Android, Windows, iOS Smartphones. 

Commision Junction Affiliate Programs for Higher Earnings

Commision junction is one of the good affiliate program platform just like ClickBank affiliate programs that offers thousands of product and services from several different advertising industries to let people generate some commisions.

Commision Junction

After joining  Commision junction you just need to apply to join some programs offered at Commision junction that run with it. Every advertisers at Commision junction has their own type of affiliate program and you can promote their products by applying for it in order to earn commision. As soon your application is approved then you are applicable to promote their products and services using some special referral link to count your progress.

Commision junction is not like other affiliate programs like ClickBank, Amazon etc. you are free to promote any product and services without any approval to promote whereas in Commision junction your application to promote a product or service offered by a particular advertiser may get rejected.

However, it's not that much free way kind of affiliate program platform but still lots of people make good money form it , who use it very much effectively.

Features of Commision Junction

- Better quality products than Amazon and ClickBank.
- Represents very big industry based companies.
- No cheap service system.
- Wide range of products or services available to promote and choose.
- Email based system that allows advertisers and affiliates to correspond with each other.
- Payment frequency is monthly and the threshold is around $50 for direct deposit.

According to Darren Rowse (ProBlogger owner), he personally shared his experience with Commision junction as a user since a long time.

He says " I’ve used Commission Junction for a year or so now and have never really had much success with it – partly because I’ve not found many products in it that quite fit with the topics that I write on and partly because I have found other programs (like Amazon) to be easier to add to my blogs.
In fact I’ve used Commission Junction so little in the past few months that today when I logged onto it I found that my account has been deactivated (I’ve since reactivated it). "

You can rate it 8 out of 10 overall according to it's features as Commision junction provides more features than many other affiliate programs platform available now. So, basically Commision junction completes every single requirement to facilitate affiliate marketing easily. Every single transactions reports types including commision amount, summary, sales, lead, CPC, performance etc.

A well organised analytical view is also provided by Commision junction to understand their progress according to public involvement stats, conversion rates (CR), earnings, sales etc.
So, I found Commision junction a good affiliate program system based company. It provides an easy organized  and interactive interface to let you keep tracking your performance.

8 Best Google Cardboard VR Android Games and Apps

Google Cardboard and its apps are offering so much in the easiest way to let people experience virtual reality today with the help of their smartphones. While the VR headsets like Sony's Playstation VR and Oculus Rift are making the most noise in the virtual reality market, Google cardboard offers the low-cost consistency,DIY virtual reality headset and a software platform which is very useful for app developers to expand and add Virtual reality (VR) experience.


1. Tilt Brush Gallery  App on Google play store

Tilt Brush Gallery

It doesn't allows you to draw your imagination but lets you look around creations and full motion drawn demos of Tilt brushes contrasting a wide range of abstracts.

Price: Free

2. Caaaaardboard!   App on Google play store

Caaaaardboard! App

It is a custom made version of the game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!! which is specially made for virtual reality headsets. Caaaaardboard! is a game that works like a charm with Google Cardboard and lets you experience a immersive diving off of building which seems so real while performing stunts in it.

Price: $1.99

3. Titans of Space    App on Google play store

Titan of Space App

This is a great VR game for parents who wants to teach their kids. Including very vast visual experience, the app also offers some fun facts and information about the outer space celestial bodies. It is full of twinkling stars and our solar system, a great stuff for educational purposes.

Price: Free

4. Sisters   App on Google play store

Sister App

Switch off your lights, insert your headphones into your smartphone and get ready to get insanely freaked out. It is a creepy, addictive, sinister with full of scary surprises which will surely give a heart stopping experience.

Price: Free

5. Insidious VR    App on Google play store

Insidious VR App

You will get a voice guided tour of the afterlife in a very creepy way full of horrifying sound effects. It was launched to promote the Insidious movies series but the experiences it offers are quite intense and creepy.

Price: Free

6. Roller Coaster VR    App on Google play store

Roller Coaster VR App

Afraid of riding on a roller coaster? A must download app to experience in immense roller coaster themed ride with a wonderful jungle scenery.

Price: Free

7. Vrse   App on Google play store

Vrse VR App

It is a storytelling based application which offers you sweeping landscapes and some great graphics with a perfect background storyline. It is a free app to download and one of the best app for experiencing VR till date.

Price: Free

8. Waa! VR    App on Google play store

Waa! VR App

This VR app is truly good for kids. Waa! VR is a virtual reality game where a little astronaut gets assigned to you and allows you to go on tremendous breathtaking adventures of the space. You need to focus on objects shown inside the Waa! VR to select or initiate them. It offers a full 360 degree viewing experience and you are supposed to defend your little sweet astronaut from the incoming asteroids.

Price : $1.15

5 Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps in iTunes App Store

Daily a lot of apps get released on iTune Apple App Store but nobody got enough time to try each of them and then filter the best app for your iPhone or iPad. We have listed and full experienced such apps and sharing the Best 5 iPhone Apps available in Apple iTunes App Store freely to get downloaded. Delete your unused apps and make some space for these new best apps under photo and video category to make your camera roll folder more expressive.

Delete unwanted apps to make space to try these awesome new apps. If facing problem doing so?
Try: How to Delete/Remove Apps on iPhone or How to Delete iPad Apps in iOS

Best Photo Apps for your iPhone

Source: iTunes App Store - iMovie App

iMovie is designed for both iPhone and iPad and lets you to enjoy and experience videos like you'd never done before. With its best iPhone multi-touch and interactive app design will make you fall for it for the rest of the years. You can browse your video library through iMovie app, share comments and watch them in iMovie. iMovie extension is also available to make video fast and enjoyable. iMovie app is available in Apple app store.

A new version of iMovie 2.2.1 is available in iTunes App Store which offers you to create and share videos at 4K resolution but only on iPad Air 2 with iOS 9.1 only.

Source: iTunes App Store - PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio
It offers you a wide variety of editing skills from filters to clip-arts everything and is totally a free app in store. It will make more creative than just applying filters on your photo with a great image qualities. Perfect for selfie lovers and this loving special features makes it the best iPhone app in iTunes store. It is available on both iPhone and iPad app store.

Source: iTunes App Store - Fyuse 3D Photos

Fyuse - 3D Photos
Fyuse is now trending app on iPhone 6 users as it comes with a special feature of capturing 3D photos which makes it the best iPhone app. Fyuse captures space visible and allows to view moments from different angles. In Fyuse - 3D Photos newer version 3.0.2 you can export videos faster and is free in app store.

Source: iTunes App Store - Mixgram

A perfect package of basic and advance photo editing tools such as photo editor, you can make picture collage with it, pic stitching, camera effects, special filters, photo frames and vintage filters for selfies taker.

Capturing photos with this best app, Mixgram is totally effortless and free. Make your magic moments beautiful with full of artworks using Mixgram and share with your friends.

Source: iTunes App Store - Animoto Video Maker

Animoto Video Maker
Got some favourite photos and video clips of your beautiful life moments? Make fun video clips with photos and video clips from your camera roll, choose any theme or video style template, add a song and experience its magic of making your magical moments more special. Animoto Video Maker is also available on iOS 9 with 3D touch support.