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[Review] MobiKin Assistant for Android

When we talk about android, around 90% of world’s population is using android platform nowadays because its even cheaper than a cost of your wrist watch. Then why will you not buy it, definitely you will and for sure you will use it store pictures, contacts, and messages, etc. What will you do if you lose all your data in a format, how will you recover? For that there is a tool called “Mobikin Assistant for Android” which helps you to take backups of your phone data on time.(I’ll explain it down)
[Review] Mobikin Assistant for Android

Requirements :

  • Android Mobile Phone
  • A USB Cable 
  • A Computer
  • A Active Internet Connection

Installation And Setup

Installation and setup for this android suite is very easy because its not like other in which you manually need to find and download the driver and then need to install and after that it will work with your phone but this android suite gives you an easy way of doing all these things in a easy manner it automatically find, download and installs the required driver but you need an active internet connection while the installation.

Backup For Messages

Messages, these are very personal to us because these the only once which we don’t like to share with others because this contain very important data like our family members and loved one or the nearest ones text or some important things which we personally discuss with our boss or something related to it, what will you do if you lose all of them without taking an backup. For that you can use Mobikin Assistant which will help you to take regular backups.

Backup For Contacts

I might say that you must be having around 1000+ contacts in your phone book. What will you do if you will lose them in a format or a phone crash, how will you recover? For that you can use Mobikin Assistant which will help you to take backup of all or some selected contacts.

Backup For Media

Media, it includes many things under it like videos, songs and image. Which we love to spend time with when we feel like hell or bored. Not this but we also love to take selfies and who don’t loves to. What will you do if you lose them all? For that you can use Mobikin Assistant for android.

Application Management

In this android mobile suite you also get an column where you can delete and add applications. This suite automatically delete the apps which are not used for one week or more, it also comes with a play store installed in it, from which you can install apps in your phone directly from your computer as well you can print out text messages from Android phone.

Is Shorte.st the Best URL Shortener for Earnings ?

The internet is one of those tools that have a vast and abundant power. Pages on the internet that are written by bloggers can now be generated to get more money. All that is required is for bloggers to start figuring out ways to draw more traffic towards their sites and they are set. Different methods must be tried out to get that perfect balance of excellent quality and content as well as not making it cumbersome for the reader.

The internet is one of those powerful tools that can be used to make money and blogging is one of the best ways with which they can be used to garner more income. Bloggers who are experienced are aware of facilities such as URL shorteners that can be used to reduce the size of their URLs and at the same time get more views or hits on their websites. URL shorteners that are generally used by writers and bloggers do not have any other added bonus features. That has all changed.


Introducing shorte.st, One of the Best

Now, with the help of shorte.st, users will be able to write their blogs and also find out a new way to make money off them. This can be done with the help of the online application. Once a writer completes a blog that is to be posted, all he or she has to do is to enter their blog post URL onto the shortener and once that is done, users will be able to make money from the number of views or clicks that are garnered with each hit. This is done with the help of the shortener.

What the shortener is does is redirect the viewer of a blog to an advertisement page that contains a five second long small piece before going back to the original site. This way bloggers can make more money and make sure that people view their blogs at the same time.

There are also additional monetization of some tools that allow users to use various tools such as Mass Shredder, Wordpress Plugin, Social Share Widgets and Full Page scripts as well as other little apps that can be used by bloggers who use the site.

How to Earn off of it

People who earn money of the shortening app need not compulsorily be writers who blog on a continuous basis. They can also be normal users of the net who can earn money from the internet and the shortening site. This can be done with the help of the affiliated websites that are connected to shorte.st. By sharing them on social media platforms, users can gain more money without having to write blogs of their own.

Non-users who share the affiliated referral sites have an advantage over the others as they do not have to do much. Just by registering with shorte.st site, users can gain money by their friends or viewers clicking on the button to the affiliated site. For five seconds, users can get money for a lifetime.

Payment Modes

There are many payment modes with which shorte.st allows its users to access money from the site. PayPal and Payoneer are two of the most preferred software.


Overall in short, shorte.st is one of the shrewdest ways to make money online and garner more traffic. The only thing that you need is just to find a place with heavy active users who are looking for new information, pictures and videos which they find interesting on World Wide Web.

  • Post your affiliate link wisely on non-pornographic content site to avoid and kind of legal issues.
  • A YouTube channel could be the best and ideal solution for the massive traffic.