How To Do a Come Back Blogging Like an Expert

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Someone said it wisely that one day you would definitely get results of what you have done in your past.
Likewise probably I had done something good too, only that's why I got this much love and respect in the form of sudden hit after re-launching my blog Techaroid - Planting Nodes.

Best way at the top suggestion before proceeding further, in my opinion you better ask your genuine or close friends to share about your blog on their social accounts.

However I was not expecting this much but, yeah today's results really made my mind to rock more.
But the main thing is that how the hell did I got this much sudden traffic even by posting nothing after the re-launch.

Surely it's because a lot of my daily readers were expecting my goods since 2 months, perhaps I got so many feedbacks through my contact us form and the best thing is that I got two offers for interview and in addition one request to let someone join my blog as a permanent author.

So, what's the power of impression? Well I guess the way you interact with lots of people around the world and help them with their respective problems personally contributed this much success of mine.
I am used to help every single person who sent me mails or messages over social platforms.

What I learnt is nothing but one thing and that's you should interact with every single person, no matter at what level he's working. Somehow and somewhere that single chat may help you to achieve the best.

The sudden shoot-up depends upon your popularity sometimes, like in my case I just made a single post on my Facebook wall regarding the re-launch and guess what I hardly got few likes on it, but still a lot of people saw it and visited my blog once to check the re-innovation.

Note: Not always your blog's relaunching news going to be successful or viral, so you better offer something that could be refused by the readers and visitors to stick with. At least this would decrease and maintain your low bounce rate which is surely favourable by all the Search Engines.

You better make as much as viral you could make about your blog info, so that you could reach as far possible to reach out. Generally Facebook helps a lot to draw traffic from it as an referral link, which ultimately leads to good social sign.

To generate sudden interest of new pals around, you should start writing about their websites, blogs or products they offer. Give other people to link back to your content and believe me everyone like respect and appreciation and it's the best way to attract or draw other attention.

Event Based Niche Blogging – Earn $10,000 Money Guide

Event Based Niche Blog

Well hi, guys I hope you are one of those people who really like to make money online easily with their very own talent or skills using special events based blogging for huge income. Today, I will reveal some easy ways to earn money more than $10,000 easily through even based niche blogging. But first of all, let us see what exactly even base niche blogging is?

Let us now follow the below mentioned complete guide for event based blogging.

Basically event based blog means, something which is supposed to be organized according to the trendy thing which could be anything like festival, nation days like valentine day etc. Choosing an event based blog as niche for blogging is one of the best solution to retrieve traffic easily within a couple of weeks.

You cannot just engage readers or clients simply unless you have some solid things to offer within your event based niche blog. You have to make it based on something which people are really interested and searching widely from all around the world.

Important Tips For Setting Up Event Based Niche Blog

  • Use similar event based niche keywords with low competition in the post title.
  • Buy event based niche related keyword in the domain, for example( for valentine related event based niche blog.
  • Update new contents daily with proper on page optimized keywords.
  • Mention year as key factor in your event based post title. For example(Happy Diwali SMS 2014).
  • Do on page optimization and off page optimization for your post regularly.
  • Build backlinks, including external and internal linking.
  • Monetize using affiliate programs, share on social sites.

How To Start Event Based Niche Blog - 9 Important Steps

  1. Choose a perfect event for your niche blog
  2. Register with a similar keyword domain.
  3. Set up a blog on Blogger or Wordpress.
  4. Choose a responsive theme related to the event based blog.
  5. Start making posts related your event based niche blog.
  6. Do on page and off page search engine optimization (SEO).
  7. Start link building.
  8. Apply Adsense or other affiliate marketing, advertisments, CPC etc.

All Time Best 4 Event Based Niche Blog for Better Trafficking

Selecting the proper event as niche based blogging is the most important factor. Everyone wants to select or choose a perfect niche related current running event that holds a lot of searches. Following listed 4 events are the best choice to start an event based blog for huge traffic and earning in short time.

#1- National Celebration Days Quotes or SMS

No doubt most of the people around the world, but specially in India search for short messages on different celebration days like Republic Day, New Year, Christmas Day, Valentine Day, Diwali, Holi etc. which are perfect stuff for organizing event based blog. These kinds of event based queries are searched a lot, and it may result into heavy traffic to your website or blog easily.

However there’s not much need of keyword research, but still do keyword research in order to find out low competitive short and long tail keywords for post titles and stuff them into article body and even you can use some medium and high competitive keywords to optimize post perfectly. This will surely help you to make your event based blog successful and you may start advertising ads and earn a lot of money easily through it.

#2- National Celebration Days Images

As you all know use of graphics always attracts everyone, so let us take an example from day to day life, if you have ever noticed that most of us like to wish our friends through emails or by sharing images on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Now even messaging apps are used to send images to wish friends, so ultimately people would search for images related to respective event based niche blog. For example “Happy Holi Wallpapers”, “Happy Diwali Images”, “Happy New Year” likewise. But as you all know that, but no search engine could examine the content expressed in the image, so search engines like Google uses image alt tags and description or caption to identify the type of image. National celebration days are most widely searched words during national events, so make use of it and set up a blog with national celebration days as an event based niche blog.

So, try to use better keywords in alt tags and description to rank better than others. I am damn sure this would definitely help you to gain a lot of heavy traffic per minute, and by advertising or affiliation marketing may help you to earn money and that could be more than $10,000 easily.

# 3- Sports Related Events Like IPL, Cricket T20

Do you like to watch FIFA World Cup, IPL (Indian Premier League) and Cricket T20 World Cup, probably yes I guess. And what would happen when you have no access to your television or time to watch these things? No doubt you will search about these events on Google for latest updates, and again proper keyword research may help you to gain visitors easily. Sports likes IPL, FIFA, Hockey, Olympics are the best choice to set up a blog as event based niche blog.

First of all, use best responsive template or theme for your event based blog and upload proper information, images, make score boards, match schedules, describe the even a little bit and you will definitely gain readership and in addition the visitors may come back daily if they like your stuffs. So just try to present data in a proper manner but in unique style. Offer them for newsletters and keep daily updates, basically I am suggesting all of these things in order to bound visitors and force them to come back and check updates and in this manner your rank would become better and no one could stop you from getting success.

Allow readers to bookmark  you event based blog, so that you could build better relationships with visitors.

#4- Upload Recorded Videos on YouTube

What? Don’t you have a television screen recorder or something of that kind?? Please do not panic, up here copy may help you to earn money by uploading event based niche related videos on YouTube and monetizing it. Just download someone else videos, make some cuts, try to edit and make it presentable and then re upload it. Use proper keywords again to rank well on YouTube video results, however YouTube has its own algorithms to calculate results, but still regular keywords always helps.

In addition add your website your blog URL under the description section so that visitors may open up that too and ultimately again you would receive traffic and this is called as one arrow and two targets.

Event Based Revolutionary Ideas - (Final Words)

Woops! A lot of ways are there through which most of us could earn money easily, but a little unique ideas or presentations will lead you to become rich within a couple of months.  
So, now you are able to start a successful event based niche blog and make as much as huge money possible through it. Make it successful using all above mentioned ideas and tips and just do some on page and off page seo.

I hope you like my vision and suggestions, so kindly just leave your suggestions and feedback under the comment section.

Freelancing Jobs: Make Money Online From Home With Fiverr

Working as an employee isn't the only solution to generate income, but it could be done by just sitting at home and completing the others job.


People need other people to complete their job anyhow possible and in order to fulfil their needs, they hire other people to do their job. Now days freelancing jobs are one of the trendiest ways to earn money online. Lots of unemployed people post their online flyers to offer their capabilities of doing jobs.
You can offer anything from article writing job online to designing software or a website. Everything is in demand by the buyers. The only thing you need is just some kind of talent or skills which generally other don’t have and ultimately they may hire you to complete task and money online at home.

Try Freelancing Site

Fiverr is a freelancing site which offers seller meet buyer opportunity and every single gig starts at just $5 and varies according to the order placed.

You can offer anything like article writing job online, offer physical handicraft objects, write letters etc. Suppose you are a Photoshop artist and able to manipulate images, just post about it on Fiverr or any other freelancing site. In my Fiverr account I offer SEO Consultancy, Photoshoping and some kind of Website designing stuffs, believe me it really works and helps a lot to earn a couple of bucks easily.

Don’t think that who has time to order your small silly freelancing job trust me, I have seen a lot people placing orders for stupid things like “I will dance for you live on webcam”, “I will hold your logo or Name”, ”I will write you name on my body ” etc. If they could earn a lot by doing these silly things. Guess what people are making orders to these freelancing works published online on Fiverr.

Online freelancing jobs are increasing day by day and people are making use of it. Even if you employed, still you can earn some extra money by doing online freelancing jobs. Generate money online legally and I must say it is the most easiest and fastest way to earn money online by doing freelancing jobs.

There are several other sites too like, which also offers the same thing to people as a media to let people interact with others and exchange money. Avoid your monthly problems related to financial stuffs. Earn some extra money, help others and help yourself too to make your life more active and joyful. However making money through freelancing online jobs isn’t the only way to earn money online, but still other ways are complicated and need long time investments. Making money through freelancing online jobs is secure and quick.