Search Engine Optimization - Most Used Techniques


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the internet’s most buzzed about aspects. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process or technique that makes your website easily visible to the search engine as well as to the users. Through this process, it is ensured that your website gets the top ranks when the users look for the content in your website. Thus it is very important that your website should be designed in such a way that it is easily comprehended by the search engine; so that your websites visibility is increased in the search engines’ natural search. Now-a-days simple SEO techniques no longer help. They are easily available across the internet, so most of the website makers employ them. You need something special so that your site is noticed easily by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other leading search engines.

If you search the internet there will be many techniques available that will advise you on how to make your website’s article SEO. But I say miracle does not happen in a day. Within a day’s time your article cannot spring from the bottom to the top lists of a search engine. You cannot simply make a website and relax. Thus let us try to understand some of the advanced SEO techniques.

High quality: firstly you need high quality content which will help your website to be SEO and get linked with many other websites.
Research: to generate that high quality content you need to do a bit of homework. There are three areas where your research needs to be focused on:

Identifying the target audience by age, income, education, computer skills, region and understanding it.

  • Understand the pattern in which keywords are used during searches by the users.
  • Understand the way in which the top search engines perform their searches.

Once this research is completed you can start preparing your content or modify them accordingly.
The next important aspect is marketing. From biscuits to websites everything needs a proper marketing to attract more visitors or customers. One of the most powerful and simple technique is using the social networking platforms. Social media is a key element of the internet. Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for SEO allows for enhanced SEO content share ability and broad impact.

Two important design techniques to be kept in mind are:

  • Landing page optimization for organic search results.
  • Enforcing security considerations to prevent crackers from compromising your system and hijacking your site’s authority.

Search engines want to do their jobs as best as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for. This relevancy depends on the content of your site, speed with which your site operates performance of your site as compared to your competitors and user experience or feedbacks.

Another unique way is to talk or hire professionals. There are Search Engine Optimization professionals who work on SEO to find new and creative ways of Search Engine optimizations. Basically SEO consultants are professionals who only work on search engine optimization in order to earn and help people to rank their respective websites or blogs. Search engine optimization consultants are nothing but experienced people, who know some advance SEO techniques which are not easily understandable by normal persons.

Few web analytics to be kept in mind:

  • Conversion attribution to find out how many stages were involved in making a person finally appear on site or buy.
  • Time based and historic keyword research to identify potentials for recurring traffic spikes.

I am sharing some of the tips shared by professionals. They say keep things simple. Most blog sites have articles like this: first the title, then a bit of abstract and then read more. The more you give these read more links the more boring your site or blog becomes. If someone is searching for a review of Xiaomi phone and all he could see is just a picture of the phone and then read more, he will never revisit your site. Make it simple and remove read more option, instead just link to that post and create archives. One of the major requisite is passion and second is writing skills. If you are good at writing, you don’t need anything else. You can easily outsource all the technical requirement online, and just focus on blogging. And yes, one needs to have basic skills of blogging which are SEO, blog writing, 
Social-media marketing.

Some tips on link acquisition:

  • On topic widget bait for long term re-occurring results.
  • Creating both funny and engaging quizzes. Example: SEO expert quiz.
  • Preparing and implementing contests to actively empower audiences as brand evangelists.

So you see that you don’t have to resort to PageRank sculpting or other questionable SEO techniques advocated by some people in the SEO industry who often fail to embrace a holistic approach and instead overtly focus on technical aspects.

How To Avoid Apple iOS 8 Installation Issues/Problems Easily


All new Apple iOS 8 is soon going to be launched publicly and the updates would be available for your Apple iPhone 5 model. Everyone is excited ,so do I but don't get too much excited for it as you may face some installation issues in hurry.

1st iOS Installation Issue

I think iPhone 5 users may run into installation issues. All of us almost see pandemonium on iOS release day, where Apple's main server went off due to melt down to millions of simultaneous downloads.

It's supposed to be one of the most worst drawbacks of Apple iOS terms and policies that iPad or iPhone owners may face during downloading the all new iOS 8 update of Apple mobile operating system, so you must learn to live with it.

Kindly, avoid to update to iOS 8 for iPhone 5 when it arrives for your model just after the official public release for Apple iPhone owners. It would be better to wait for few hours, in fact for a some days, so that you probably won't run into any kind of server failure issue due to heavy traffic from across the world through iPhones users.

2nd iOS Installation Issue

Many other Apple iPhone owners files some complaints that installing iOS 8 over the air through Apple iPhone 5 settings may result into lack of space. If you're going to need lots of more available space in GB. Apple iPhone 16 GB model are most used and most of the complaints came from this Apple iPhone 5 16 GB model.

If you don't wanna loose any of your important data, then kindly switch up to iTunes in spite of installing the new iOS 8 update over-the-air. Use iTunes to avoid any kind of data lose during upgrading process.


First of all there's no need to install all new Apple iOS 8 update on the first date of it's availability. Apple iOS 8 looks like a really great update for Apple iPhone 5 model, as the newly added camera features, iMessages features would definetly prolong the Apple iPhone5 life. But it's supposed to be really frustrating download if you run into installation issues due to server melt down. So, there no need to download or upgrade on the first day. Wait for some time, let the others dig its bugs and qualities accordingly. New features and apps could be big battery draining machine so, let people explore about it and figure out the problems before you install. As Apple iOS 8 is not going to be vanished or taken away from you so, have some patients and wait for the best results.

iOS Quick Bug Fix Updates

Moreover, Apple is going to provide further updates as Apple iOS 8.0.x weeks after the initial release so that they could remove initial bugs occurring. If the Apple iOS 8 update pops out any kind of major problems, then you could surely expect Apple to deliver a quick iOS 8 update to vanish out the bugs. 

Event Based Niche Blog - Successful Online Money Making


What do you think? Is it possible to convert an event based niche blog into a money making machine? Well, I would surely say a big Yes.!

I have seen a lot bloggers posting about their successful money making event based niche blog and it's success on Facebook and even on their personal blog. So, I think there's no doubt that an event based niche blog could be more beneficial than any of your other source of income once it gets search engines attention.

But there are some proper ways of attracting your visitors to your writing skill too. Like the way I am writing in this article on the event based niche blog. Your article shouldn't be presented in long and big bunches of paragraphs, try to write in a divided manner to force people to read your short paragraphs.

Okay so now, let's get back to the main point. See, if you are new to these kind blog based on a particular niche or topic, then you should first read the ways of planning an event based niche blog.

                           Event Based Niche Blogging – Earn $10,000 Money Guide
First of all, you should have a Google Adsense account active for setting up your niche based blog fast and quick. If you don't hold any account, then don't worry! Just ask someone else who has it and the one you trust for sure, because money could change anyone's mind.

Start from buying a custom domain for your event based niche blog and be sure to include proper and good quality keywords within your domain name. This will boost your chances to attract audience and to get indexed over many search engines fast.

For example, suppose I am going to start an event based blog on BigBoss 8, then I would surely include this targeted keyword within my domain name like this-

Did you see? I tried to attract people from a word insider to let people understand that here you will get information about what's happening inside BigBoss 8 house. So, surely people would click on this link to get more information.

That's how you have to set-up your basic event based niche blog and rest of things may go well. This was the very basic but most affective way to attain success within a couple of days.

Online money making isn't that much complicated as it seems but yes, it requires hard work and dedication too. Okay so, you have learned the basics and it's the time to boost some efforts into big blast over the internet.

Guess what it could be? Aha you like to watch movies? Every does I guess. Most of us get attracted to the movie visualization and graphics used in them. So, here's the second thing! Try to attract your audience through awesome graphics and images which generally depict your event based niche blog articles.

Use high quality images and surely give them ALT tags to let search engine identify it properly.
Generally people see images and move on to other sites if that image doesn't look good. Your overview look describes your inside body. Likewise your money making articles requires good looking images too.

Post about those things which attract people attention over the internet and which is in trend recently, because during those recent days people starts searching too much and hence your site may result on top very well.

Share updates regarding every single events happening if your having your online money making niche blog on BigBoss type courtesies. Writing about female participants surely helps. Even in really life people like to know about each others interest and about what's happening inside others life and just because of this Facebook reached this much success.

As you are going to start an event based niche blog to start earning money online within short time and for short time. You must share at least 2-3 times a day to let user back come for updates within short intervals of time. This would not just increase your traffic but will also increase your chances to increase CPC for Adsense ads.

Always try to make people get stick to your blog for long time and come back again and again. Otherwise high bounce rate may result into bad online money making, as it's not going to work then.

As soon you start getting organic traffic from Google and other search engines, then also start sharing about your money making niche blog over social platforms. But your main aim should be organic traffic not social.

Optimize your blog with proper SEO techniques to perform better than others and surely do On-Page and Off-Page Optimization for maximum output. And after all this you are all done and ready to earn a lot of money fore sure.

Now, you are just one way away from a successful online money making niche blog.
Organise your Google Adsense ads and utilize them properly within your articles. Try to integrate within articles and one header type advertising unit above the fold of your blog.

Once you are done with all of the steps mentioned above, follow below important things to run it well and earn more than you could ever expect.

  • Increase social engagement
  • Index your articles within Google webmaster daily if you are sharing unique articles more than once.
  • Ask others to comment on your articles.
  • Grab videos and images related to your online money making blog and share them on your YouTube channel and link back to your site.
  • Share unique contents, write yourself and in your own language by targeting low competitive keywords..
  • Don't ever think about to copy from other blog or website.