Easy Online Money Making Sites - Quick List

Building some secondary source of income other than your primary source of income isn't bad at any point, in fact it will surely help you to support your financial aspects. There are several ways to make money online from different platforms available now to let people generate some sidewise income and help others to make some profit also.

Money Making Programs

There are many online money making sites available and are easy to use to interact with your buyers and customers.

To help you people, I have made a quick list of genuine money making sites, which will surely make you at least $50 - $100 monthly easily.

I also work on many easy money making sites to support my financial issues aspects day to day and I understand that other people are also facing the some problems and are looking for some easy money making ways available online to earn at home.

Online Money Making Sites List

Freelancing sites

1. Freelancer.in
2. Fiverr.com
3. Odesk.com
4. Elance.com
5. Peopleperhour.com

Online Ecommerce Store

1. Shopify.in
2. Bigcommerce.com
3. 3Dcart.com
4. Zepo.in
5. Highwire.com

Affiliate Networks

1. Clickbank.com
2. Shareasale.com
3. Commision Junction
4. Affiliate-program.amazon.in
5. Paydotcom.com

Advertisement Networks

1. Google Adsense- Google.com/adsense
2. Buysellads.com
3. Chitika.com
4. Adversal.com
5. Infolinks.com

Tada.! just don't wait any more, go on and start making money online just like thousands other people are making money online easily.

Top 5 Competitors Backlinks Checker/Finder/Explorer Tools List

No matter how hard you are trying to rank on Google SERPs to gain visitors and make some money through Adsense or other affiliate programs available now days, backlinks count is one of the most important factors which determines your Google ranking.

Building backlinks are like creating loop holes to gain publicity and valuable respect. Amount of backlinks count are important On-Page SEO factor which not just gives you traffic organically but also helps to increase Domain Authoritu (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Out ranking other competitor is only possible by increasing your blog Page authority, Content Quality, Number of Backlinks mainly High Page Rank (PR) rated from 10 to 2. It has been observed that those competitors blogs with high PR, PA and DA are likely to be more effectively ranked on top results on Google.

But in some cases it is possible to rank better at least on Top 3 ranking with huge amount of similar niche related backlinks, a mixture of dofollow + nofollow backlinks with proper anchor text and you can create and find backlinks through several widely used SEO ranking tools.

After mixing all the above factors, the perfect SEO juicy combination would result into higher and better ranking easily.
Now let us take a look at Best Competitors Backlink Checker Tools to find out the competitors backlinking source and steal competitors backlinks source to rank above and better than them.

Best 5 Competitors Backlinks Checker Tools


SEMRUSH is one of the best tool to find out competitors backlinks and other targeted keywords of the competitors. Earlier it was very good keyword analysing tool both ad keywords and organic.
It has two face to handle regular competitors and premium version which digs into much deeper than ever expected by any tool.



1. Organic Keyword Explorer
2. Competitors Backlink Finder
3. Multi Site Comparing
4. Best Keyword Targeting Tool

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Home Page

Ahrefs is the best tool to analyse the competitors backlinks source and effectiveness. However it is a fully paid backlinks checker tool but you can get complete competitors or your backlinks details along with anchor text and is exportable in PDF, CSV or Excel format in free account.


1. Gives Dofollow, Nofollow, Anchor text Details
2. Genuine and Effective Tool
3. Available in both Free and Paid accounts
4. Keyword Cloud Representation of you and the competitor

3. Open Site Explore

Open Site Explorer Home Page

Open Site Explorer is good backlinks checker tool provided by the Moz.com, as all of us know that a product of Moz is like quality stamp and only brand name is enough to understand the qualitative stuff available at Moz. It gives you an account of Domain Authority, Page Authority and Established active Root Domain + Total backlinks. You can use this tool to find the number of present active backlinks to any domain. There are several other good SEO tools offered by Moz which gives brief account of targeted keywords, ranking factors.


1. Domain Authority Rank
2. Page Authority Rank
3, Backlinks Checker
4. Anchor Texts

4. Open Link Profiler

Open Site Profiler Home Page

Open link profiler is mostly used SEO tool for small and fast scale backlinks checking tool. You can explorer you competitors backlinks cloud by just submitting it on Open link profiler tool and it will result all the backlins and anchor texts with an effective percentage. You can explore you own backlinks using this tool and even of your competitors backlinks accordingly.


1. Shows effective percentage of the backlinks
2. Special filters available to find specific competitive backlinks
3. Trustable and widely used for competitors backlink finder

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Home Page

BuzzSumo is a good content marketing tool to analyse and check competitors backlinks. This tool has both Free and Premium version providing special features accordingly. You can compare and you competitors backlins at once at BuzzSumo Tool and find out all the effective of backlinks on competitors site.


1. Compare able analysis possible
2. Effective backlinks counter with anchor texts
3. All the links and details are exportable in CSV or Excel Format.

Commision Junction Affiliate Programs for Higher Earnings

Commision junction is one of the good affiliate program platform just like ClickBank affiliate programs that offers thousands of product and services from several different advertising industries to let people generate some commisions.

Commision Junction

After joining  Commision junction you just need to apply to join some programs offered at Commision junction that run with it. Every advertisers at Commision junction has their own type of affiliate program and you can promote their products by applying for it in order to earn commision. As soon your application is approved then you are applicable to promote their products and services using some special referral link to count your progress.

Commision junction is not like other affiliate programs like ClickBank, Amazon etc. you are free to promote any product and services without any approval to promote whereas in Commision junction your application to promote a product or service offered by a particular advertiser may get rejected.

However, it's not that much free way kind of affiliate program platform but still lots of people make good money form it , who use it very much effectively.

Features of Commision Junction

- Better quality products than Amazon and ClickBank.
- Represents very big industry based companies.
- No cheap service system.
- Wide range of products or services available to promote and choose.
- Email based system that allows advertisers and affiliates to correspond with each other.
- Payment frequency is monthly and the threshold is around $50 for direct deposit.

According to Darren Rowse (ProBlogger owner), he personally shared his experience with Commision junction as a user since a long time.

He says " I’ve used Commission Junction for a year or so now and have never really had much success with it – partly because I’ve not found many products in it that quite fit with the topics that I write on and partly because I have found other programs (like Amazon) to be easier to add to my blogs.
In fact I’ve used Commission Junction so little in the past few months that today when I logged onto it I found that my account has been deactivated (I’ve since reactivated it). "

You can rate it 8 out of 10 overall according to it's features as Commision junction provides more features than many other affiliate programs platform available now. So, basically Commision junction completes every single requirement to facilitate affiliate marketing easily. Every single transactions reports types including commision amount, summary, sales, lead, CPC, performance etc.

A well organised analytical view is also provided by Commision junction to understand their progress according to public involvement stats, conversion rates (CR), earnings, sales etc.
So, I found Commision junction a good affiliate program system based company. It provides an easy organized  and interactive interface to let you keep tracking your performance.