Top 5 Apps to Get Your Job Done in Less Time

Everyone wish if I had multiple hands or head to get a job done as soon possible in very less time.
However, it is very simple but actually to get a job done doesn't feel so simple.

Man with multiple hands

In order to attain a disciplined and manageable life , you to manage and use available time in such a manner that you could be able to achieve free or extra time for other tasks but no one has that much time to first research and dedicate because all of us too slammed with work.

So, here are the few top 5 listed apps to help you get your task or job done within less time possible.

1. Pocket

In spite of all, most disciplined people can also be sidetracked over the world wide web called internet. But once you get a useful information on one interesting article, if your are getting distracted from your work or unable to concentrate on your work by the internet. Here in such conditions Pocket will help you to get everything done in easier way.

Pocket app allows to save content view it later without internet connectivity and that's the best thing about it. You don't need any kind internet connectivity or to be online once you have saved your favorite content once.

Pocket app download every single thing required or available on that content page to match exactly as it is even after being offline.


With this app you don't have to complete or fill your spreadsheet again and again or to upload video to dropbox one by one.

You can create a recipe that will send your all of the uploaded photos on Instagram directly to your DropBox account without any further action required once and that's why it is called as IFTTT ("if this then that").

3. Zirtual

Most important and helpful app for you upto now. Zirtual can respond to your emails on your behalf.
It can manage your calendar, schedules and cordinate travel plans etc.
Get relaxed from your hectic schedule, so in spite of doing all the work yourself start doing it smartly.

4. Shyp

A best way to send any object to your friend or anyone with just one click.
Shyp provides a service that will come and take your object or item, pack them nicely and ship them anywhere you want.
Just enter a destination and request a pickup by accessing Shyp app on your smart phone.

5. Circa

If you don't have enough time to search and read online information you like then Circa is the best new friendly app for you which can save your time and provide whatever information you like at your end already searched and filtered, whenever you free.

Circa allows it users to easily sort thorugh the daily news by providing exact and useful article to your smart phone. So, instead of searching articles online, just use Circa follow options and get useful articles easily.

Xiaomi - Redmi 1s A Big Security Threat For Non-Chinese Customers

Xiaomi vs Redmi 1s

Recently, IAF (Indian Air Force) asked personnel to resist using Chinese mobile phones like Xiaomi and Redmi 1s as there are some news regarding it in which is found after a research that these phones are transferring data to their servers located in China and could be a big issue for Indian security threat.

A company called F-secure recently conducted a test of Redmi 1s and Xiaomi phone in which it was found that the phone was transferring vital information like phone number, carrier name, address book contacts, text messages and IMEI details which is a crucial thing to Beijing, China.

Moreover, the company said they are transferring non-Chinese customers data away from its server in Beijing to maintain some performance and privacy issues and to serve their customer with the best way possible.

Even Taiwan government is trying to find out that whether Redmi 1s and Xiaomi phones are security threat or not and all of these issues are a big point of privacy leakage.

Indian government part PTI also sent some mails to the company regarding these security issues but got no reply from their end.

Search Engine Optimization - Most Used Techniques


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the internet’s most buzzed about aspects. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the process or technique that makes your website easily visible to the search engine as well as to the users. Through this process, it is ensured that your website gets the top ranks when the users look for the content in your website. Thus it is very important that your website should be designed in such a way that it is easily comprehended by the search engine; so that your websites visibility is increased in the search engines’ natural search. Now-a-days simple SEO techniques no longer help. They are easily available across the internet, so most of the website makers employ them. You need something special so that your site is noticed easily by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other leading search engines.

If you search the internet there will be many techniques available that will advise you on how to make your website’s article SEO. But I say miracle does not happen in a day. Within a day’s time your article cannot spring from the bottom to the top lists of a search engine. You cannot simply make a website and relax. Thus let us try to understand some of the advanced SEO techniques.

High quality: firstly you need high quality content which will help your website to be SEO and get linked with many other websites.
Research: to generate that high quality content you need to do a bit of homework. There are three areas where your research needs to be focused on:

Identifying the target audience by age, income, education, computer skills, region and understanding it.

  • Understand the pattern in which keywords are used during searches by the users.
  • Understand the way in which the top search engines perform their searches.

Once this research is completed you can start preparing your content or modify them accordingly.
The next important aspect is marketing. From biscuits to websites everything needs a proper marketing to attract more visitors or customers. One of the most powerful and simple technique is using the social networking platforms. Social media is a key element of the internet. Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for SEO allows for enhanced SEO content share ability and broad impact.

Two important design techniques to be kept in mind are:

  • Landing page optimization for organic search results.
  • Enforcing security considerations to prevent crackers from compromising your system and hijacking your site’s authority.

Search engines want to do their jobs as best as possible by referring users to websites and content that is the most relevant to what the user is looking for. This relevancy depends on the content of your site, speed with which your site operates performance of your site as compared to your competitors and user experience or feedbacks.

Another unique way is to talk or hire professionals. There are Search Engine Optimization professionals who work on SEO to find new and creative ways of Search Engine optimizations. Basically SEO consultants are professionals who only work on search engine optimization in order to earn and help people to rank their respective websites or blogs. Search engine optimization consultants are nothing but experienced people, who know some advance SEO techniques which are not easily understandable by normal persons.

Few web analytics to be kept in mind:

  • Conversion attribution to find out how many stages were involved in making a person finally appear on site or buy.
  • Time based and historic keyword research to identify potentials for recurring traffic spikes.

I am sharing some of the tips shared by professionals. They say keep things simple. Most blog sites have articles like this: first the title, then a bit of abstract and then read more. The more you give these read more links the more boring your site or blog becomes. If someone is searching for a review of Xiaomi phone and all he could see is just a picture of the phone and then read more, he will never revisit your site. Make it simple and remove read more option, instead just link to that post and create archives. One of the major requisite is passion and second is writing skills. If you are good at writing, you don’t need anything else. You can easily outsource all the technical requirement online, and just focus on blogging. And yes, one needs to have basic skills of blogging which are SEO, blog writing, 
Social-media marketing.

Some tips on link acquisition:

  • On topic widget bait for long term re-occurring results.
  • Creating both funny and engaging quizzes. Example: SEO expert quiz.
  • Preparing and implementing contests to actively empower audiences as brand evangelists.

So you see that you don’t have to resort to PageRank sculpting or other questionable SEO techniques advocated by some people in the SEO industry who often fail to embrace a holistic approach and instead overtly focus on technical aspects.