How To Save Battery On Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus

According to the experiments on the latest duo Samsung’s new flagships, they have stated that the battery on the Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus is not the strong point. That’s why we are going to show you a few solutions to improve autonomy on your Galaxy S9 and S9+ in this post.

Screen resolution, time and brightness
To control the energy consumption better, the first thing is putting the consumption on the screen. It’d better lower the brightness of the screen or set it automatically to reduce the time it needs for turning off from inactivity. You can also reduce the resolution of the display to Full or HD resolution instead of QHD resolution.
These three options can found in the settings by tapping on Brightness/ Automatic brightness, Screen resolution, and Screen timeout.
Disable Always On display option
Regarding the experiments, the Always On display eats up between 6% of battery life on Galaxy S9 and 10%  on Galaxy S9 + at the end of the day. So, although it’s helpful, you’d better turn it off to save the battery life if you are in a long day workout. To do so, head to Settings>Lock screen>Always On display. Once disabled, you will see the battery life improves considerably.
MED energy saving mode
There are options built in the device that let you better control the battery consumption, including MED and MAX, which allows you to quickly set a number of parameters. The MED option gives you the decent savings and lasts the usage a couple of hours without hibernating the important features on your Galaxy S9 & S9+. The ideal configuration is:
  • Enable Background network usage
  • Deactivate Always On display
  • Disable Speed limiter
  • Decrease 10% brightness:
  • Lower Screen resolution to FHD+
MAX power saving mode
The second one is the maximum power saving mode, which is expected to extend the battery usage to 5 or 6 hours. Although almost of functions will be sacrificed, this mode can extend the device’s autonomy as long as possible. The best settings for the MAX options:
  • Disable Background network usage
  • Turn Always On display off
  • Enable Speed limiter
  • Decrease 10% brightness: -10%
  • Adjust Screen resolution to HD+
Limit automatic connections
The Galaxy S9 & S9+ comes with an option to activate the Wi-Fi connection when your phone is in the area of a known network. It’s a pretty convenient feature, but that also means more battery power will be eaten up comparing to turning the Wi-Fi on and off manually. The easiest way to turn this option off is searching it by name in settings and note “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” option.
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Sleep apps
Some applications will consume a lot of battery even when they’re in the background. Fortunately, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ let you know which apps are consuming the most battery. Simply close the process in the background to stop eating up the battery.
Restrict use of data
One of the things that you might not consider is that more battery power will be consumed when apps are connected to the internet through your 4G data in the background. In the information for each app, there’s a section that allows limiting the dât usage for each app.
Monitor app consumption
If you still want to get a deeper control in your app’s power consumption, the Galaxy S9 & S9+ offers two additional options for you. The first as well as the quickest way is heading to the settings and tapping on the battery section. Under the saving modes, you will see the apps that are consuming more battery power of your device.
Choose the apps you want to close and tap on the solution button.  Under the list of apps to close, you can see two more sections: unsupervised apps and always inactive apps. Take a look and put apps in each section.
The second one is navigating to Settings > Applications and adjust the battery power consumption in the apps list. It also includes the application in the optimized app list.
These are popular solutions to save the battery power on Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 +. If you know other tricks to save battery on the S9 or S9+, let’s know in the comment.

Where And How To Buy Samsung Galaxy S9

 The duo Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are officially debut. The manufacturer finally decided to reward its fans by launching two devices available right now. The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus can now be pre-ordered before the official release on March 16. SO if you are caring about these two flagships, here's how you can buy S9 and S9+.

Where can you buy the Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus?
Samsung has already allowed customers to make the preorders of the S9 and S9+ directly from Samsung official website, which is currently the cheapest way to purchase the phones. Pre-orders can also be made through some telephone operators as well as online platforms.
You can pre-order two new devices from March 2 until March 16 when the official sales begin. The Korean company promises to deliver devices within one week after the date sale, which means on March 23 you will be the owner of the successor to the Galaxy S8.
If you pre-order the S9 or S9+, you are not just the first people to own the latest top-of-the-range Android smartphone, but you won't also miss it because of the stocks running out.
How much do they cost?
How much is the new duo Galaxy devices? According to the Samsung official website, the prices for the Galaxy S9 are from $719.99 while the S9 Plus variants start from $839.99. Both smartphones will be available in Arctic Grey, Midnight Black, Coral Blue and especially Lilac Purple color options.
Comparing to the price of their predecessor S8 and S8+, it’s no surprise as the price is higher. Samsung's high-end flagship smartphones have never been cheap. In the recent years, smartphone manufacturers have started raising the price of their smartphones and the S9 and S9+ is not also the exception. We'll be updating to you more information about the price of the higher storage models.
Samsung official websites, where you are able to pre-order the device, allows you to choose the installments of $30 per month, and $35 a month in 2 years with the S9 Plus model. Besides the official websites, you can also get the devices from:
  • Verizon: $800 for the S9 or choose installments of  $33.33 per month in 24 months, $930 for the S9 Plus or $38.74 a month for 24 months.
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile is offering an installment of $30 a month in 24 months for both S9 and S9 Plus with a down payment of $120.
  • AT&T: You can choose to pay $790.20 (or choose the installment of $26.34 per month for 30 months) for the S9, and $915 or $30.50 per month for 30 months for the S9 Plus.
  • Best Buy: Best Buy comes with a deal on offer for their customers. You can get $100 off when pre-ordering via the above carriers.

Tips & Tricks For Nintendo Switch

There is no doubt as Nintendo Switch was the biggest success last year in the gaming market. Nintendo is famous for doing things differently, and once again they amazed most of us. You can enjoy your games anywhere with your Switch. The device features a 6.2-inch screen along with two removable Joy-Con controllers which can be used to play solo or shared with another player. So, if you have recently bought a Nintendo Switch or grabbed one, here are some tips and tricks to make your Nintendo Switch better.

Pair Joy-Cons With Mac, Android Phone
It might be the greatest thing on Switch. You will be able to pair the Joy-Cons with your Mac or Android phone. If you are using a Windows computer, you will need a third-party app for the controls to work accurately. All you need is holding down the sync button at top of the controllers for a few seconds and then wait till they are paired together using Bluetooth connection. There will be the lights flashing on them while they are on the process of pairing.

Keep Tracking Of Game Time
Some of you usually lose the track of time while you are playing. But with the help of this trick, you will be able to check the time you have been immersed in games. Take look on the left-hand side of the Switch home, you will see your Mii picture on top. Simply click on your picture to open Profile and check how long you have been playing games.
Add Friends To Enjoy Online Games
There is nothing better than playing games with your friends. Nintendo Switch allows you to play the online games supporting Switch for free. You can easily add friends who are also playing games on Nintendo consoles by using a ‘Friend Code’, including a 12 digit unique number. You can find the code on Profile Page and then follow these below steps to add friend:
  • Head to Profile Settings
  • Click on Add Friend and you will see three options
  • Search for Local Users to locate friends on the same Wi-Fi network
  • Look for Users you Play With to locate the friends that have played earlier. You can also choose Search With Friend Code if you want to enter the unique code of a friend.
  • Click Send Friend Request
Change Profile Avatar
Nintendo Switch lets you change your avatar. To do so:
·        Click on your icon and head to Profile.
·        Choose User Settings
·        Click on Edit and choose from the list of Nintendo characters or create your own Mii.
Save/Delete Credit Card Info
Nintendo Switch now allows you to save your credit card info on the Switch eShop. All you need is checking the Save box while typing in your credit card details when purchasing a game. After you complete the remaining process to finish shopping games, your card details will be saved for future purchases. You can also delete the credit card information any tine if you want.
  • From Home Menu, launch Nintendo eShop
  • Click the Nintendo Account, containing your credit card information
  • Click on your icon picture to reveal the Account Information
  • Under Credit Card Information, take look at the last four digits, name of cardholder as well as the expiry date of your saved card
  • Click on Delete and confirm your choice.
Create A New Mii
Another tip you can do with Nintendo Switch is creating a customized Mii for you. To do so:
  • Go to Settings and click on Mii
  • Choose Create/Edit a Mii
  • Click on Create New Mii and start from Scratch
  • Choose your Gender and then select the features of your Mii
  • Enter a Nickname for your new Mii
  • Next click Done
Locate Joy-Cons
Don’t you locate the Joy-Cons? They might be tiny. But you can easily locate them when they are in range.
  • Go to Controllers > Find Controllers and click on the Joy-Con you want to find.
Connect Headset Or USB Keyboard
The Nintendo Switch comes with 3 USB ports for the peripherals. But you should remember that you are not able to use the keyboard controls to play the game through the Nintendo Switch. There are still many PS4 headsets working well when plugged into the Nintendo Switch. If you are on the go, you can also use a USB-C adapter to connect a Bluetooth headset or make use of an audio jack. There is even a voice chat option when you play your games on Android and iOS app.
Joy-Con Works As A Wii Remote
Another cool trick of Nintendo Switch is that you can use the Joy-Con as a remote for Wii. There are many motion control games like World of Goo, which can serve pretty well for this trick. The game prompts you to lay your Joy-Con on a flat surface towards the screen. There will be an on-screen cursor and you have to use it as a Wii remote.
Hard Reset
We’re sure you have sometimes faced some problems with a frozen screen while using your Nintendo Switch. In such cases, here is what you should do:
  • The first solution is holding the Power button for 4 seconds. You will then see the Power Menu option. Just select Restart. Tapping on this will reboot your device and after it boots up again, you can play your games as usual.
  • If the first solution doesn’t help you and the Power Menu doesn’t appear, you need to long press the Power button for around 15 seconds until you see the screen goes OFF. After waiting for one-two minutes, simply power it up again.
These are some nifty tips and tricks that you can do with your Nintendo Switch. Hope you will enjoy playing games on your device more and more.

How To Fix Google Play Services Causing Battery Drain

The battery drain due to Google Play Services on Android is a very common issue. There are several complaints about the apps eating the batteries in a range of devices with different Android versions from KitKat to Oreo. Let’s find out the problem to know what’s going wrong and get the solutions for this issue.

Spot Google Play Services Causing Battery Drain
If your phone has to suffer from a terrible battery life, the culprit could come from Google Play Services. The easiest way to know if Google Play Services is causing the battery drain on your device is popping into the Battery section in Settings app. From there, just tap on Battery usage section.
You will now see the biggest power hogs, and you should see the battery usage of Screen at number one, which eats up the most power-hungry part. But if the battery usage of Google Play Services is higher than the display or the Android system, something’s absolutely going wrong.
Why the problem happens and how to fix it
There are a lot of reasons why it eats up more battery than normal. Although there are not the clear solutions to fix the problem on your device, here some things you can check.
Is Google Play Services up to date?
If you started seeing the battery drain after an OTA update of Google Play Services, you should accelerate through your Play Services versions to resolve the problem.
If the latest OTA version is causing the problem, you should then check if there is a new beta version of Google Play Services available. Many Pixel and OnePlus users have been able to stop the battery drain issue just by installing the latest beta Google Play Services version.
Do you load of accounts?
The main mission of Play Services is downloading things in the background. They could be the app’s ads, notifications and more.
If you add multiple Google Accounts on your phone, then Google Play Services will have to do all that for your multiple accounts.
Are third party apps misusing Google Play Services?
If the battery drain is faster than normal, the problem might not only come from Google Play Services, it can be one of the apps using it. You should try booting your phone into the Safe Mode to check. If the battery problem goes away, the problem must come from the third party apps.
Sync errors
Sync errors occur when Google synchronizes data but it fails. Moreover, problems with your data can cause the sync errors as well. For example, if something is wrong with your contacts, Gmail, it can cause Google to keep synchronizing your local data with servers.
To fix the issue, you just remove and then re-add your accounts. However, before doing that, you should disable Cellular Data in Settings and then turn it back on again.

Check your GPS
When an app requires your location, it needs to use Google Play Services. Since Google Play Services facilitates the process, so the GPS is the culprit of the fast battery drain issue.
On your phone, go to Settings > Battery and tap on the Usage screen. Next, tap on Google Play Services and you will see a detailed screen. Simply scroll down until you see Location and tap on it.
There will three mode options, and you can find one, called Power saving. It doesn't use GPS to retrieve your location, and while this mode is less accurate, it can help you save battery life when only using your mobile data and Wi-Fi. If you see this setting inaccurate, you can then switch it to High accuracy.
Do you a task killer app?
Task killers are designed to close the unwanted processes, but sometimes killing a task causes the result that it starts back up again, which makes your phone work harder. So, you should try disabling your task killer and then check if it can improve the battery life.
Do you use security software?
Security software will eat up a lot of your phone battery life as it always on and requires much power. Although the threat of malware on Android is quite popular, if you don’t download apps from certificated app stores and don’t open the unclear attachments, the risk of infection is nearly 0%. Simply disable your security software and check the result.