74 Commentluv Enabled SEO Niche Sites and Blogs List - Backlinks Part 1

Here's the huge list of blogs and sites having SEO niche. All Comment Luv enable to let you build backlinks.

Commentluv Enabled Blog List
Commentluv Enabled Blog List

74 Commentluv SEO Niche Sites and Blogs

http://www.techpraveen.com                                                          "Commentluv Enabled"

http://keepupwiththeweb.com                                                         "Commentluv Enabled"

http://seo-resource-guide.com                                                         "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.bloggerbulk.com                                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://grovetimes.com                                                                        "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.searchenginejournal.com                                             "Commentluv Enabled"

http://freewebtutorials.net                                                                "Commentluv Enabled"

http://sparesome.com                                                                         "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.techfreeks.com                                                              "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.yuvafantasy.com                                                           "Commentluv Enabled"

http://bloggingspree.com                                                                  "Commentluv Enabled"

http://bloggingspree.com                                                                  "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.bloggertipstricks.com                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"

http://makemoneylive.net                                                                 "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.socialable.co.uk                                                             "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.pakstatus.com                                                                "Commentluv Enabled"

http://earnmoneyonlinetrick.com                                                      "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.eblogginghow.com                                                         "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.blogillusion.com                                                             "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.trickytechs.com                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://websitecopywritingservices.com                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.techgyd.com                                                                    "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.latesttutorial.com                                                             "Commentluv Enabled"

http://himanshunegi.in                                                                        "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.geteverything.org                                                             "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.nosegraze.com                                                                 "Commentluv Enabled"

http://factoidnews.com                                                                        "Commentluv Enabled"

http://todaylovefuture.blogspot.com                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.globalcraze.com                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.globalcraze.com                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.jerrylarach.com                                                                "Commentluv Enabled"

http://hopp2it.com                                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.techstories.in                                                                    "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.clicktoseo.com                                                                 "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.seojus.com                                                                       "Commentluv Enabled"

http://todayblogtips.com                                                                     "Commentluv Enabled"

http://yourcombine.com                                                                      "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.abcdblogging.com                                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://bloggersmakemoney.com                                                          "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.techalam.com                                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.instantshift.com                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://lauraraisanen.com                                                                     "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.chadnicely.com                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://ashcampbell.com                                                                      "Commentluv Enabled"

http://inspiretothrive.com                                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"

http://crawfordandobrien.com                                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://newzduniya.com                                                                       "Commentluv Enabled"

http://netmarketsuccess.com                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://letsbuildwebsites.com                                                               "Commentluv Enabled"

http://onenaijablog.com                                                                      "Commentluv Enabled"

http://igau.org                                                                                     "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.gaylabaer.com                                                                 "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.mymagicmix.com                                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://seohour.com                                                                              "Commentluv Enabled"

http://mypremiumlab.com                                                                  "Commentluv Enabled"

http://goodfoodgoodfriends.com                                                        "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.1singularsensation.com                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"

http://pretoproblogger.blogspot.com                                                  "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.freedomtarget.com                                                          "Commentluv Enabled"

http://notordinaryblogger.com                                                           "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.reviewzntips.com                                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://madlemmings.com                                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.hugdaily.org                                                                    "Commentluv Enabled"

http://comluv.com                                                                              "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.techtricksworld.com                                                       "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.blogengage.com                                                             "Commentluv Enabled"

http://digitivity.org                                                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.e-wali.com                                                                     "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.allbloggingsecret.com                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"

http://oceninfo.blogspot.com                                                            "Commentluv Enabled"

http://blogcheer.com                                                                         "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.pwnedmarketing.com                                                    "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.uk-small-business-seo.co.uk                                         "Commentluv Enabled"

http://www.mysecondmillion.com                                                   "Commentluv Enabled"


You can increase your backlink count by commenting on above listed blogs and sites. All are SEO based sites to help you build backlinks with the same SEO niche. I hope all of you guys find it useful.

Backlink Boosters - List of High Authority Auto Approve Sites

Let us take an example to understand the power of high authority backlink building.
Whether is it important or not? Suppose you are studying in a College and your relation with your fellows is strong and good enough.

Now, if a new student comes as a new admission and asks one of your friend that who's better in programming or studies? Luckily your friend referred you as a good person with some really good skills. Here' one person is linking to you, so this is called as backlink or linking.

So, now suppose if an external investigator came to your college during a semester practicals to judge your performance and check your knowledge. He/She may or may not ask you class teacher about the best student in the class and now if that teacher recommends your name as a real good student throughout the session, then here you are getting and good linking from a person with already a great reputation being a teacher.

In above example, it means a high authority person is linking to you. That teacher of yours recommended your link and that means he/she's linking to you and hence increasing your value in your surroundings.

High Authority Backlinks Sites List

List of High Authority Auto Approve Sites to Boost Backlinks Count and SERPs Rankings

1. http://history.nz.usembassy.gov/davidhuebner/young-filmmakers-from-hawaii-impress-rarotonga/

2. http://s307595052.online.de/2014/11/16/pozyczka-bez-zaswiadczen-3/

3. http://www.mat.ucm.es/~joseluismunoz/wordpress/?p=634

4. http://blog.suempresa.com/tu-sitio-web-totalmente-gratis/

5. http://dyahsushanty.staff.ub.ac.id/link-asyik/

6. http://imagearts.ryerson.ca/abbie.siu/?p=551

7. http://www.xulplanet.com/importance-of-a-healthy-breakfast-or-is-it/

8. http://blog.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/ei/?p=145

9. http://s510918036.onlinehome.us/?p=1

10. http://cpc6-whit4-2-0-cust77.5-2.cable.virginmedia.com/copper2/displayimage.php?pid=1468

11. http://www.studentgroups.ucla.edu/interaxon/?attachment_id=158

12. http://blogs.lexpress.fr/conso/2010/10/13/barbapapa-40-ans-heros-ecolo-made-in-china/?fl_cv=1418061340

13. http://www.blogdorogerio.com.br/brisa-aprova-aumento-do-preco-da-opa/

14. http://www.biokos.com/product/scrub-gel

15. http://www.heikniemi.net/hardcoded/2010/11/keeping-asp-net-mvc-action-method-argument-names-separate-from-the-query/

16. http://www.meetup.com/Headstart-Bangalore/events/151684932/

17. http://homepages.abdn.ac.uk/aups/about-us/

18. http://www.intechnology.com.au/why-should-i-invest-in-a-site-survey-tool/

19. http://katiegilmartin.com/2014/09/12/queer-ancestors-project/

20. http://www.expedition720degrees.com/?p=636#comment-2688

21. http://malindi.bustlingtown.it/white-moon-leleganza-tra-le-dune/

22. http://www.greencine.com/central/agora?page=1

23. http://farmindustrynews.com/insecticides/taking-bugs-insecticides-2014

24. http://shotatlife.org/blog/blogust-jo-frost.html

25. http://www.granta.com/My-Account/46691

26. http://www.catonmat.net/blog/top-10-browserling-inventions/

27. http://www.razorsocial.com/google-webmaster-tools-7-ways-to-increase-traffic-to-your-website/

28. https://www.auntiesbooks.com/faqs

29. http://ncccblog.americorps.gov/2012/03/step-forward-with-fema-corps-corps.html

30. http://www.designwall.com/question/how-can-i-download-whatsapp-for-pc/

31. http://www.beyondthebricksproject.com/faceing-why-i-serve?page=16

32. http://www.electronicosonline.com/?foro=2&topic_id=5660

33. http://www.carseek.com/reviews/mazda/2012-mazda6/

34. http://www.spiceupyourblog.com/2013/07/best-screen-capture-tools.html#.VGcb6TSUdTg

35. http://medialab.zendesk.com/entries/33138910-Media-Lab-Dissolving?page=1

36. http://www.beyondthebricksproject.org/faceing-why-i-serve?page=17

37. http://www.sazavafest.cz/letni/content/zp%C5%99%C3%A1telen%C3%BD-bousov-fest-ji%C5%BE-tuto-sobotu

38. http://sementesdoxingu.org.br/site/uma-feliz-familia-coletora-de-sementes/

39. http://residenciallagoa.com.br/this-is-a-test/

40. http://www.wix.com/support/html5

41. http://www.polygon.com/

42. http://rodrigomorselli.blog.br/?page_id=925&cpage=2#comments

43. http://blog.happyvisocoders.be/app-site-paardjesspel/

44. http://americanagenda.us/live-broadcast-on-american-agenda/

45. http://hdwallpaper.us/profile/zasamples

46. http://www.svetur.co.uk/green-day-pretenduoja-patekti-i-legendini-sloves-muzieju.html

47. http://www.blackeyedpeas.com/home/news/833468

48. http://blogs.exeter.ac.uk/ancienthealthcare/blog/2014/07/02/galen/comment-page-1/

49. http://hpca.org.au/prostate-cancer/post-diagnosis/what-is-incontinence

50. http://mytech.it


Every site needs backlinks to establish a spider based webs of backlinks from several high authority sites.
Getting links from High Authority sites will help you to gain more authority and improve your site rankings on Google Search Results.

How to Make Money with Google Adsense - 10 Killer Points

Without wasting any time let's us just concentrate over the main facts regarding How to Make Money with Google Adsense.

You can not only make money but also I have listed some killer tips to Increase your Google Adsense Earnings as better as possible.

Google Adsense Program

1. First of all you need a place to put Google Adsense Ads in order to make money and for that you can either build a blog or a youtube channel where you can put Google Adsense Ads. (Already got a blog? Jump to Step 2 or got a YouTube Channel? Jump to Step 3)

2. If you are already having a blog with lots of loyal readers and organic visitors daily, then you just need to apply for a Google Adsense non-hosted account. (Get one Google Adsense hosted account now)

3. If you are having a Youtube Channel with high numbers of subscribers on it and is running successfully to draw attention from around the world, then it's the time to apply for a Google Hosted Adsense Account to make money quickly. (Easiest and Fastest Google Adsense Account)

4. Got approved by Google Adsense? Congrats, now here's the chance for you to make money with Google Adsense now onwards by placing advertisements on your blog or a YouTube Channel.

5. Login to your Google Adsense account and create a new advertisment unit and place the generated code by the Adsense on your blog. (Best Places to Increase Earnings, Jump to Step 7)

6. Running Adsense with YouTube? Then there's no need to worry about Google Adsense Ads placements, they handle it themselves.

7. Place a Leaderboard (728 x 90 ) ad unit above the half-fold, a Large Rectangle ( 336 x 280 ) ad unit at the end of each article or post and a Large Skyscraper ( 300 x 600 ) ad unit in your sidebar of your blog or a website. (Already did? Jump to Step 9 )

8. Always concentrate over a single niche based blogs or a website to convert organic visitors into a buyers and it will also increase your CPC ( Cost Per Click ) rate. It happens so because Google Adsense smartly analyzes your blogs content and performance according to which they place the related ads to your content in order to help the visitors to find the best they want and if those visitors clicks on your ads, then you will earn better due to higher CPC rate. You can also run an Event Based Niche Blog to make quick money online through Google Adsense.

9. You can increase your earnings much better by targeting better keywords with high amount of suggested bids by the advertiser. If you already done with the proper Google Adsense ad placement then, start posting contents about the topics with huge number of monthly searches, higher amount of suggested bids and target low competitive keywords using Best Keyword Research Tools to rank better and gain maximum traffic possible.

10. Running YouTube channel with good quality videos? Increase your chances of making money by uploading short length videos because no one has time to watch long length videos. Visitors always want quick response and good quality information, doesn't matters that whether they are getting by a text content or graphically through infographics or a short video clip.

I hope you like the way, I've described all the key points required and must be looked up once in order to Make Maximum Money Possible through Google Adsense.